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How to Maintain the Lifestyle You Want Throughout Aging


There are certain predictabilities in each stage of life. Turning 16 symbolizes the newfound freedom to obtain a driver’s license. Our 21st birthday means we’re officially adults. And age 65 elevates us to the status of seniors – our golden years. Yet there is one particular common assumption that we should all reconsider: that a move to an assisted living facility or nursing home is inevitable when we grow older.

In fact, home care is a viable option in the majority of instances for seniors, and is preferred for a variety of reasons:

  • The level of care is customized to each person’s individual needs, never a “one-size-fits-all” approach.
  • Care needs are monitored on an ongoing basis, and services are adjusted accordingly as needs change over time.
  • Home care services are customized according to each person’s preferred schedule and routine, without the need to wait while a caregiver is tending to someone else’s needs.
  • Communication between our care team and family allows for specifics to be attended to in a proactive manner. This results in the person safely residing at home versus frequent visits to the hospital.
  • Remaining in the home environment is especially preferred for those with dementia, to avoid “transfer trauma” – the stress that often accompanies moving to a new living environment, which can lead to depression, isolation, resistance to care, anxiety, an increased risk of wandering, and a host of other problems.

A recent survey revealed that a full 90% of older adults prefer to age in place. After all, home is where we are reminded of a lifetime of memories around every corner, where we can relax and be ourselves, where we can make our own everyday choices, such as when and where to enjoy our meals, what activities to engage in, which visitors we’d like to spend time with, and so much more.

At SYNERGY HomeCare, the leaders in respite care in Chicago and the surrounding areas, our services help seniors enhance independence and safety where they’re most comfortable, through:

  • Providing accompanied transportation to doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping and other errands, or fun outings.
  • Running errands for seniors who prefer to remain at home.
  • Helping with personal needs, such as bathing/showering and using the bathroom, where falls can be so prevalent without professional assistance.
  • Providing nourishing meals and ensuring sufficient hydration as well as medication adherence and appropriate levels of physical activity and exercise for optimal health.
  • Performing home safety assessments and recommendations for modifications, as well as fall detection devices and other supportive tools to increase safety and provide a mechanism for quick response while seniors are home alone.
  • Connecting family and friends to their senior loved one’s care through care notes provided at the end of each shift and available for viewing via an online portal.

High quality, personalized care in the comfort of home is available to seniors facing the challenges of aging or chronic conditions that limit mobility or cognitive functioning, making life the best it can be in the environment most preferred and preventing the need for a move to an institutional setting.

Contact SYNERGY HomeCare, where we treat seniors with the same respect and compassion we provide to our own loved ones, with caregivers who feel like family. You can reach us any time at (773) 868-3183. We accept long-term care insurance and private pay.