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Meet our Caregiver of the Quarter: Mercy Brempong

Mercy Brempong has been with SYNERGY HomeCare North Atlanta since March of 2018. Mercy was recently awarded Caregiver of the Quarter! SYNERGY HomeCare owner’s Stacy Fotos and Sue McCormick were able to know Mercy a little better. 

Mercy came to the United States from Ghana to visit a friend four years ago and decided to stay in the states in order to get a better education not only for herself but for her family.  She is now a Patient Care Technician! (PCT) and one of Synergy’s best caregivers providing excellent care for every Synergy client she meets.   Mercy plans to apply for US Citizenship, but she is required to live here in the States for at least five years before she is able to start this process. Her 5 year anniversary in the states is coming up very soon and we know she will be successful in her endeavors to be a US Citizen.

Her husband of 20 years, Owusu and her daughter, Precious, joined Mercy in The United States about a year ago so that their daughter could have more opportunities and also get a better education. Owusu was an English teacher when he lived in Ghana and currently works full time here in the states.  


Mercy’s daughter, Precious is fifteen and just started her junior year at McClure Health Science High School! She loves to read fiction and wants to be a doctor.  She is also very athletic and would like to be on the basketball team.  In Ghana, Precious had to go to private school because the public schools in Ghana are overcrowded and do not provide a very good education. Precious appreciates the transportation system that she has access to here because in Ghana she would have to walk to her private school every day. She said that even though it is hot in Ghana, she thinks it is hotter here in Atlanta.   Precious joined her Mom and Synergy owners for lunch as well and was able to give them a  glimpse of how very fortunate and grateful she feels for living here in the states.   Her name is truly fitting of her personality!



Mercy’s older daughter Candice is 22 years old. She still lives in Ghana with Mercy’s mother who is 84 years old.  Candice went to school to become a make-up artist, but it is very difficult to find work in Ghana.  Mercy is working on trying to get her daughter, Candice, to the United States, but it is a very lengthy process.  She is able to keep in constant contact with her daughter via video chat on What’s app.

Mercy is loved dearly by all of her clients and when we asked what caregiver tip she would like to pass on to other caregivers, her advice was “To Always Be Kind.  It is obvious to us that she takes her own advice with the incredible kindness and compassion she shows towards all of her clients.

Synergy HomeCare North Atlanta is so very lucky to have Mercy Brempong as a member of our caregiving team and we are proud to name her as our Caregiver of the Quarter for 2nd Quarter, 2019.