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Synergy’s Top 10 Gift Ideas Under $50 for Baby Boomers

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Of course, we love spending time with family and friends during the holidays and for many of us, buying and giving gifts adds to the joy of Christmas. But even the festive holidays lose appeal when picking a gift is hard. Picking a thoughtful gift under $50 for a baby boomer may not be the easiest task to keep up on every year, but it can be done! 

Here is a list of 10 holiday gift ideas you can get for under $50 that will be sure to please the baby boomer on your Christmas list! 

  1. Make It About Their Pet – We all know a baby boomer who has a pet that is really treated like his/her child. The pet is spoiled and your loved one cannot go anywhere without the pet. A great holiday gift for this person would be an individualized holiday decoration with the pet’s name or photo, or a welcome mat for the front door saying, “Home of the world’s cutest dog.” 
  2. Funny T-Shirts – If your loved one has a sense of humor, don’t rule out the idea of a sassy novelty t-shirt that says, “I’m not old, I’m a classic” or “you can’t scare me, I’m a baby boomer.” The choices are endless, and the gift is fun for the right type of personality. 
  3. Pet Rock – It may seem silly to you to spend money on a rock, but this is a nostalgic replica for baby boomers. If you want to make someone smile and remind them of their younger years…go for the pet rock! Maybe even put your own spin on it for something extra special. 
  4. Books On Tape – Give the gift of literature to a loved one who enjoys learning or reading. They can play the tapes in the car while driving or on a stereo while working in the garden. For baby boomers who have trouble reading or have failing eyesight, this is a great and considerate gift. Just make sure you pick something from the right genre. Consider a modern twist on this with a subscription to something like Audible where there are monthly credits to pick a book and enjoy. 
  5. Hobby Gifts – Don’t underestimate the value of spending money on your loved one’s favorite hobby. Chances are, they already spend a fair amount of money on yarn, fabric, or modeling clay. Whatever they enjoy spending their free time doing, consider purchasing some materials that they need. If possible try to find something they’d really like, but just can’t talk themselves into buying. 
  6. Cheese Baskets – Seriously! Who doesn’t love cheese? The options are endless, plus it can be a fun family event if your basket comes with some cheeses that have funky flavors.
  7. Brain Puzzles – Puzzle books like sudoku, word searches and crosswords are great for helping people retain cognitive function. Baby boomers can keep their brains healthy and enjoy a fun puzzle at the same time. Not to mention, brain puzzles are a great tool to help you calm down at night and get better sleep. 
  8. Trivial Pursuit – It’s both fun and nostalgic. This is a great gift if your loved one enjoys challenges and likes get-togethers. 
  9. Exotic Coffees – Trying something new is good for everyone. If your loved one is a coffee drinker, open their taste buds wide open to a new variety of coffee flavors and see if you can spark an interest in one. Venturing outside the box may encourage your loved one to try more new and exciting things. 
  10. Anything Cozy – It doesn’t matter what it is. A blanket, a robe, fuzzy socks, a squishy pillow. Seek out the coziness in life and gift it to the baby boomer on your list. Pair it with some nice bubble bath or scented candles for ambiance and let them know that you want to help them relax and enjoy life. 

Loved ones are notorious for saying that they will love anything you get them…and they aren’t lying. But go for the gold and get them something they will truly enjoy! There are tons of items under $50 for the baby boomer in your life.