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Promoting Independence while Aging in Place with Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home in Elizabeth CO

Companion care at home is a unique type of support for seniors because it focuses solely on social engagement and companionship without offering the same types of hands-on support that home care offers. This type of care helps seniors to maintain independence and stay in their own homes comfortably. It can also help seniors to become more used to the idea of having help from other people.

Offering Social Contact

The core of companion care at home is social contact. Seniors are often spending way too much of their time alone, which can lead to loneliness and ultimately to isolation. Companion caregivers are there to have conversations, engage in activities, and basically spend time with aging adults as much as they want.

Boosting Independence

Even though companion caregivers aren’t helping in the same ways as elder care providers do, they still help seniors to maintain independence. Seniors often engage in more self-care activities, like getting dressed for the day, eating meals regularly, bathing, and more when they know they’re going to be around other people. Companion caregivers can help family members stay aware of how independent seniors actually are, too.

Establishing a Safe Space

Companion care at home comes to seniors in their own homes. That means that seniors are staying where they’re most comfortable and secure already. They are able to build and maintain routines that help them to feel well and that can improve quality of life. Seniors also tend to feel more comfortable at home knowing their social needs are going to be met.

Tailored Engagement and Support

Not every person requires the same amount of engagement as any other person, and that’s true for seniors, too. Seniors can choose how much social interaction they want with companion caregivers. As their needs change, they can increase or decrease their visits with caregivers also. It’s also important to note that seniors may try a few different companion caregivers to find a fit that feels right for them.

Evaluating Effectiveness

Companion care at home providers check in regularly with seniors, but they also can check in with family caregivers and keep them aware of how seniors are doing. This allows family caregivers to make decisions that are better informed and that are more likely to support their senior’s actual needs. When changes are necessary or when seniors require more care or assistance, it is easier for family caregivers to have the information they need to make those decisions.

Companion care at home is a personalized way for seniors to get the emotional and social support they need as they grow older. Seniors can continue to age in place and maintain their existing routines while also spending time with companion caregivers. This type of care is perfect for seniors who don’t need a lot of hands-on help, but who benefit from spending time around people who can engage in friendly conversation and other activities. Through this tailored engagement, seniors get a boost in quality of life and maintain independence at the same time.

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