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What Dietary Changes Can Seniors Try to Battle High Blood Pressure?

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High blood pressure can lead into much bigger health issues, including heart disease and stroke. Avoiding those complications is possible, but it means that seniors have to focus on reducing high blood pressure as much as possible. The first line of defense is typically for aging adults to start making some dietary changes. Home care providers can offer a lot of help with that task.

Reducing Sodium

Starting a low-sodium diet is a common recommendation for seniors with high blood pressure. That’s because too much sodium can cause seniors to retain too much fluid, which increases blood pressure levels. Eating more fresh, whole foods and reducing processed and packaged foods is a good start toward bringing sodium intake down. That’s a lot easier to do with help from elder care providers with meal preparation.

Focus on Nutrient-rich Foods

What seniors need when they’re fighting health issues like high blood pressure is a diet that is heavy in foods that are full of nutrients. That means foods like whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Seniors might balk at this, however, because that means more effort in preparing meals. Letting home care providers help with meal planning and preparation takes the effort out of eating healthier.

Read Labels Carefully

When shopping for foods, food labels offer a lot of information that helps seniors and family caregivers make better choices. The labels identify information like added sugar counts, sodium counts, and other information that helps with choosing healthier foods. It’s important to look at the chart on the back of the item, instead of relying on advertising on the front of the package that claims “lower sodium” or “reduced sugar.”

Choose Healthier Cooking Methods

Sometimes the problem isn’t the food itself, it’s the cooking method that contributes to higher blood pressure levels. Fried foods for instance are higher in empty calories and unhealthy fats. Methods like grilling, baking, steaming, and roasting offer a lot of flavor while also allowing seniors to reduce calories and fat content.

Eat Balanced Meals

Incorporating a balance in every meal is important, too. Relying mostly on lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits while including grains in smaller amounts can help seniors to get more of the nutrients they need for good health. Home care providers can help seniors to remember to eat more balanced meals on a consistent basis. They can also help seniors fill in dietary needs with healthy snacks that also offer balance.

Plan Meals and Snacks

Planning makes meal preparation easier for just about anyone, but it can truly be helpful when seniors are fighting health issues like high blood pressure. Planning meals out helps with staying within a budget and also ensuring that there is plenty of variety and healthy choices available. Elderly care providers can help seniors plan out meals that meet their needs while also being tasty.

Eating a healthy diet is a good first step for seniors who are fighting high blood pressure. Home care providers can be fantastic partners in the quest for healthier eating, ensuring seniors are eating regularly and that those meals help them have the best chance at lowering their high blood pressure.

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