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How In-Home Care Can Help a Senior Drink More Water

In-Home Care in Franktown CO

As summer quickly approaches, your loved one is going to need to think about how they can stay hydrated and cool. In-home care can help keep your loved one safe this summer by ensuring they are wearing the appropriate summer clothing, finding cooler areas to relax, and staying hydrated. Here are some of the best ways in-home care can help your senior focus on drinking more water:

Choosing Hydrating Snacks

There are tons of snacks that can actually help keep a senior hydrated without even drinking water. There are carrots, cucumbers, strawberries and a lot more. In-home care can help your loved one with meal prep and find them the most hydrating snacks this summer. If seniors need help, in-home care can help them with transportation to the grocery store, making grocery lists that include hydrating foods, or just shopping for them. This means your loved one will always have a way to get the food they need and this can be a huge help in the summer. Having the right food around will help a senior stay hydrated and stay healthy when it gets hot out. Food is not something they may think about but it is something in-home care can help keep an eye on.

Keeping a Water Bottle Full

Your loved one may not drink enough water if it is not in sight. The saying is true “out of sight out of mind.” If it is not around them they may not think to get water on their own. It may not be a habit they think about and it is important to change the way things are. As soon as they get up, in-home care can help fill a water bottle for them and keep it filled and near them at all times. If a senior sees that it is full they are more likely to remember they need to drink water or they remember the signs of thirst and drink when necessary. This is an easy way to promote water intake. Keep in mind that not all seniors like water and may want flavorings. In-home care can help keep lemon water within reach or other flavors around to entice a senior into drinking more water.

Tracking the Amount of Water

Even if your loved one is eating hydrating snacks and drinking as much water as possible they may not be drinking enough for their bodies. They should be drinking half of their body weight in ounces. This means that if a senior is around 100 lbs they should be drinking 50 ounces of water. The best way for someone to know how much water they are consuming is by keeping track of water. An easy way for in-home care to start taking notes on your loved one’s water intake is by filling up a water bottle, noting the ounces, and keeping track of how many your loved one is drinking. Small reminders throughout the day can help your loved one continue to drink water and meet their goals. This will prevent dehydration and overheating in the summer. But keep in mind water intake should go beyond summer.

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