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Five Tips for Organizing a Senior’s Bedroom

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When seniors live in well-organized spaces, that helps them to be more comfortable as well as safer. Depending on the health challenges that seniors are facing, it might be more crucial than family caregivers realize to get their bedrooms better organized. Home care providers can do a lot to help with organizing these spaces, but also in keeping them organized afterward.

Go Through Drawers and Closets

A good first step is to start going through drawers and closets to look for items that don’t fit, aren’t comfortable, and simply need to be decluttered. It can help to categorize those items according to the types of items they are and to how often they’re needed. Removing items that aren’t liked or necessary any longer helps to free up space, making it easier to manage the items that remain.

Focus on the Nightstand

The nightstand is a special spot for seniors, in particular. This is a spot that can hold onto things like medications, water bottles, and other essential items that help seniors to be more comfortable and safer. Start by clearing off the nightstand and emptying the drawer, if there is one. Remove items that don’t really need to be there and find a new spot for them. Add back only the items that truly need to be right there at the senior’s bedside.

Clear the Floors as Much as Possible

If there is a lot of clutter or other obstacles on the floor in the bedroom, this can cause problems with safe mobility, especially overnight. Removing furniture that can go elsewhere or clearing the floor of tripping hazards is a huge help. This also makes the bedroom easier to clean overall, because there are fewer unnecessary items in the room.

Make it Easy to Access Safety Devices

Seniors who use safety devices and tools, like a cane, need to be able to access these devices safely even from bed. Keeping these items within easy reach ensures that seniors are more likely to use them when they need them. Trying out a few locations can help seniors to determine where those items best fit and where they’re the most useful.

Get Help Keeping up with Daily Maintenance

Once the bedroom is organized and easy to maneuver in, it needs to be maintained. For some seniors, the reason their bedrooms got cluttered and possibly unsafe is because it’s tough to keep up with these tasks alone. Elder care providers can be a huge help in keeping spaces tidy, doing daily light housekeeping tasks, and generally ensuring that seniors are as safe as possible. Seniors don’t have to worry that they’re losing independence. Caregivers are there to help them only as much as they actually need.

Organizing a senior’s bedroom might be just the first step in reorganizing their homes and getting their living spaces safe and accessible. Home care providers can be a huge help during this process, ensuring that seniors have what they need and that their living areas support a healthy and happy life.

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