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Six Home Safety Concerns for Seniors with Multiple Sclerosis

Seniors with multiple sclerosis, or MS, deal with some difficult symptoms that worsen as their condition declines. Home safety is a particularly big concern, especially as mobility and cognitive functions decrease. Seniors with MS need help to assess potential hazards and to deal with them as they crop up. Home care assistance can tackle a lot of this on a consistent basis.

Mobility Challenges

A common problem for MS patients involves mobility challenges. Muscle weakness, imbalance, and coordination problems make moving around very difficult, even at home. Some of the home safety solutions involved might include installing handrails or grab bars as well as putting in ramps to make navigation easier. Home care providers can also help to ensure that pathways are clear in the house to make mobility safer. As seniors need to use mobility devices more often, caregivers can help them use them safely and properly.

Fall Prevention

Preventing falls is always important for seniors, but seniors who have multiple sclerosis are more at risk of falling because of the balance and coordination problems they experience. Caregivers have a lot of experience understanding what can contribute to fall risks for aging adults. They also have experience helping seniors to overcome those challenges and avoid falls.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms are an area where people are especially vulnerable. For seniors with MS, getting in and out of the tub can be especially challenging. Personal care at home is there to make bathing and other tasks in the bathroom not just safer, but also easier to manage. This allows seniors with MS to conserve their energy for other tasks while also handling basic daily needs.

Kitchen Safety

Balance issues are a concern in other areas, too, like the kitchen. There are lots of activities in the kitchen that involve reaching for items, maintaining balance, and handling sharp objects. Seniors may need help reorganizing the kitchen to make it easier and safer to use. They could also use help from home care providers with meal and snack preparation.

Temperature Regulation

MS makes it more difficult for some seniors to regulate their body temperature properly. That makes them more sensitive to temperature changes and less comfortable overall. Home care providers can pay close attention to how seniors are feeling, helping them to have what they need at all times to remain comfortable.

Cognitive Functioning

Memory and cognitive functioning can also be impacted by multiple sclerosis. Home care assistance can help to implement strategies that involve simplifying routines in order to reduce cognitive load for seniors with MS. As MS progresses, these simplifications make it easier and safer for seniors to continue to age in place for as long as possible.

Creating a safe and supportive environment for seniors with multiple sclerosis involves looking at a variety of different variables. Home care assistance can tackle a great many of these concerns, helping family caregivers and seniors with MS to stay aware of needs and resources that can help. Implementing personalized care plans helps to promote well-being and improves quality of life immensely.


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