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Why Is Depression Common After a Heart Attack?

Companion Care at Home in Castle Rock CO

When someone has a heart attack, their life changes abruptly and in ways they can’t even imagine. It can change their perspectives on just about every area of life. One of the biggest considerations for family members is often how to help aging adults to manage every aspect of recovery. Physical well-being might be well in hand, but emotional well-being can be more difficult. Depression is common for people after a heart attack, for instance. Some people need more socialization, which is when companion care at home can help. Others need more hands-on help or a mix of both.

Heart Problems Bring Lots of Emotions

But why do heart problems lead to depression for so many people? They bring up a lot of uncertainty about how life will be from that point forward, for one thing. A heart attack also causes people to worry about the things they can’t do anymore. Seniors in particular might worry about how choices they made throughout their life could have contributed to the heart attack. It’s also embarrassing to need help or to ask for help.

Excessive Emotions Sometimes Cause Coping Mechanisms

Those emotions might not cause depression, but they lead to coping mechanisms that might be more harmful than helpful. Leaning on vices like smoking, alcohol, and eating unhealthy foods is common. It’s also common for people to withdraw socially after a heart attack. All of these coping mechanisms can eventually lead to depression.

Symptoms of Depression

Recognizing the symptoms of depression can help family members to seek out the right help for the people they love. Changes in someone’s weight, especially if they’re not trying to gain or lose weight, are an indication that there’s something going on. Other symptoms include:

  • Appetite changes
  • Socially withdrawing
  • Changes to sleeping habits
  • Seeming restless or sluggish
  • Having trouble with memory or decisions

Acting quickly and getting a doctor’s appointment right away can help to address depression before it gets worse.

How Elder Care Can Help

Home care can be a huge help to seniors after a heart attack. Caregivers can assist with tasks that are more difficult, like household tasks and errands. They can also assist with ensuring seniors have healthier meals and that they have routines that support better health. If it’s difficult to drive after a heart attack, elder care can assist with transportation.

Easing Loneliness as Well

One of the biggest ways that home care can help after a heart attack is simply by offering companionship. This can help to reduce social isolation for seniors after a heart attack and encourage them to keep interacting with other people. Companion care at home offers a way for seniors to have a friendly distraction that gets them through their days.

Having help and companionship are two of the biggest factors in helping seniors to avoid depression after a heart attack. Companion care at home can help families to stay on top of what’s working and what isn’t for their seniors as well, ensuring that seniors get the care they need when they need it most.

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