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Why Do Seniors Need Bathroom Assistance?

Personal Care at Home in Littleton CO

Seniors can experience trouble with the bathroom for a ton of different reasons. Having assistance with this very personal situation is something that might not feel okay for them at first. But personal care at home is all about helping seniors without judgment and keeping them as safe and healthy as possible. Here are some of the reasons seniors need help in the bathroom.

Poor Vision

When seniors can’t see well, they may have a difficult time even getting to the bathroom. Then, once they’re there, they may not be able to handle the necessary tasks. Home care providers can make sure that seniors get to the bathroom safely and that if they need help while they’re there, they have it.

Muscle Weakness

All too many seniors experience muscle loss, making them weaker than they used to be. That means that it can be difficult to get to the bathroom, but it also means that seniors may not be able to sit or stand once they’re there. Having support from a caring personal care at home ensures that seniors don’t fall or become injured in the bathroom.

Coordination Problems

If seniors have trouble with balance and coordination, that makes bathroom visits more complicated, too. Seniors can have problems with coordination for a variety of different reasons ranging from medication side effects to other health issues. Personal care at home ensures that they don’t have to rely on faulty coordination.

Flexibility Trouble

Flexibility is another possible problem in the bathroom. That’s because when seniors lose too much flexibility, it can be difficult for them to sit, stand, and take care of their needs while they’re in the bathroom. Being able to have extra support in the bathroom makes the visit safer and easier.

Dizziness or Blood Pressure Issues

Very often seniors may have blood pressure trouble or experience symptoms like dizziness and vertigo. These issues can make it dangerous for seniors to walk anywhere on their own, but especially to the bathroom. If they have trouble with blood pressure dropping when they stand, for instance, standing up from using the toilet could pose a serious safety risk.

Cognitive Issues

Aging adults who are experiencing cognitive illnesses and changes may run into other types of trouble. They could forget that they need the bathroom, for example. Or they could forget where the bathroom is, which can lead to serious frustration and to accidents. Having home care providers right there offers a layer of support that they need.


Seniors with incontinence issues often worry they won’t get to the bathroom in time to avoid an accident. They may also have challenges related to dealing with their incontinence products and needs. Caregivers can help them to manage those issues safely and easily.

When seniors need help in the bathroom, it could be for any reason at all. What matters the most is that personal care at home is there to offer them the support and assistance that they need, even if they only need that help once in a while.

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