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Rainy Day Activities for Seniors

Companion Care at Home in Sedalia CO

Summer is a great time to get outside, enjoy the wonderful outdoors, and breathe in all the fresh air. For seniors who have trouble getting around during those icy, cold winter months, summer is a welcome respite from the four walls that have been surrounding them all of that time.

But sometimes summer can trap a person inside as well. Overly hot and humid days may make it difficult or even dangerous to spend too much time outside. And a rainy day or two may wash out all of those fun outdoor plans that were made months ago.

Your elderly loved one may be more upset about a rainy day in July than a freezing day in January just because taking away those nice summer days can seem almost unfair. That’s why it’s great to have a backup list of activities your loved one can participate in when she’s not able to get outside for that daily garden visit or go to the local ballgame. Having a companion care at home provider who visits and spends time doing these activities with her will bring her the companionship and socialization she needs to hold her over until the next beautiful sunny day.

Try these fun summer indoor projects and activities with your senior on those rainy days.

Try some chair yoga

Just because she’s stuck inside, doesn’t mean she can’t move around and get some exercise. One great adaptation of yoga for seniors is called chair yoga. Using a chair means your loved one doesn’t have to try to get down and up from a small mat on the floor but will still receive the physical and mental benefits of doing some yoga.

Play some board games

Whether it’s a quick game of checkers or an all-day tournament of boardgames, get out some snacks, set up the games, and let the fun begin. When possible, have a bunch of friends over to increase the fun and make it a special event, but even spending an hour playing Monopoly with her companion care at home provider can help bring a little brightness into the overcast day. Board games keep the mind sharp and playing with someone helps improve mood by building those companionship bonds.

Try a new recipe

A rainy day is a great day to experiment in the kitchen. While the heat may make you want to keep the stove off, look at trying something cool to eat like a fancy salad or even learning how to make sushi at home. Your loved one’s companion care at home provider can help with tasks such as slicing and dicing as well as helping her follow a recipe if that’s needed. Then invite family or friends over to enjoy the new menu.

Snuggle in and enjoy it

If you have an active senior, she might enjoy a day of just watching her favorite movies or reading a good book. Sometimes a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of those short summer months can be a welcome reprieve.

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