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What is Included in Light Housekeeping Chores?

Senior Home Care in Castle Rock CO

One area of senior home care that’s especially helpful to older adults is light housekeeping. But, what exactly does light housekeeping cover?

Changing Sheets and Making Beds

A caregiver can make your mom’s bed and change the sheets every week or two, depending on her preference. The dirty sheets are gathered and placed in the hamper, along with your mom’s used towels and clothing.

Dishes and Counters

The dishes used to make your mom’s meals get washed by the caregiver, along with the utensils and plates or bowls she uses while she eats. Counters are wiped down and sanitized. Once dishes are clean and dry, they’re put away.

If your mom has a dishwasher, the dishes are loaded into the dishwasher and it’s run. Once the dishwasher finishes its cycle, those dishes are put away, too.


Furnishings that are in the open are dusted. Housekeeping aides aren’t going to include dusting surfaces that require a ladder to reach, but furnishings like end tables, coffee tables, and entertainment centers are dusted.


Once a week, dirty clothing, sheets, and towels are set up for a wash cycle. Once they’re washed, they’re moved to the dryer. Once dry, they’re folded and put away in drawers or hung up.


Caregivers can tidy up and keep cupboards organized so that everything your mom uses still has a place. This means putting away books on a bookshelf, placing DVDs back in a rack, or placing remotes back in their holder.

Caregivers can bring in the mail, sort it, and dispose of junk mail. The remaining mail is organized and placed into a file or bill rack for your mom to easily track when payments are due.

Sinks, Faucets, and Bathroom Fixtures

Caregivers can rinse out and wipe sinks in your mom’s bathroom and kitchen. They will sanitize faucets, too. While they may rinse a shower, don’t expect light housekeeping to cover scrubbing the tub or shower clean. Toilets may get a quick clean using a toilet brush or similar toilet cleaning wand kit.

Trash and Recycling

The trash and recycling are taken out to their appropriate bin. Senior home care aides often roll bins out to the curb if desired, too, though this is something you should ask about.

Vacuuming, Mopping, and Sweeping

Carpets are vacuumed, though it’s important to realize that furniture is not going to be moved to vacuum under items. Hardwood, tile, or vinyl flooring is swept and mopped as needed. Caregivers may vacuum stairs if your mom’s home has upstairs bedrooms and a main living area downstairs.

Light housekeeping as part of a senior home care plan covers the areas of the home that your mom uses. If your mom lives with you, the caregiver isn’t there to make your bed, tidy up after you, and do your dishes. It’s a service provided only to your mom and covers the areas she frequents.

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