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Seven Things You Should Know About Home Care

Home Care in Franktown CO

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services estimates that 65% of adults aged 65 or older need some kind of help at home. One out of five of these adults will need care for five or more years.

When so many of these people have a small number of family members to rely on, it can become an issue. Your dad needs help, but you aren’t close by and he refuses to move. Have you considered arranging home care services?

He’s Not Lonely or Isolated

Your dad’s no longer lonely because he has a caregiver stopping by once a week, several times a week, or every day. His caregiver is there for him to talk to, accompany him on walks, or take him out for social events, museum tours, or community center activities.

Home Care Helps With Housework

Household chores like washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping hard floors are all tasks a home care aide helps with. They can also take out the trash and recycling bins on pick-up day, bring them back to the house, clean and sanitize counters and faucets, and make the bed.

He Won’t Forget His Medications

Your dad takes daily medications, but he often forgets to take them. If he does remember them, it’s often hours after he should have taken them. He can have caregivers remind him when it’s time.

Home Care Does the Laundry

Have caregivers stop by once a week to do the laundry for your dad. His caregiver can change his sheets and towels, gather his clothing, and carry it to his laundry room. Everything is washed and dried, ironed if needed, and put away. If he has any dry cleaning, his caregiver can take care of that, too.

Caregivers Help With Personal Care

Your dad’s hygiene and grooming needs are not something he should have to struggle with. If he struggles to wash his hair and body, shave or trim his facial hair, get dressed, or brush and floss his teeth, your dad has the help he needs with home care services.

Home Care Takes Him Shopping

Home care aides can take your dad shopping when he needs groceries, prescription refills, or household goods. If he doesn’t want to go out, his caregiver can help him set up an online order for delivery or pick-up. His caregiver can pick up the order on the way to your dad’s house.

Your Dad Doesn’t Have to Drive

Your dad no longer has to drive, which is often required if his vision worsens. If he’s had a health event like a heart attack or stroke, he will not be able to drive until his doctor clears him.

Does any of this sound like it’s the best way to help your dad remain independent? Talk to a home care expert about your dad’s home life, health, and areas where he needs the most help.


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