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4 Things Seniors Can Do To Keep Their Cat Happy And Healthy

Senior Home Care in LIttleton CO

Pets are wonderful companions for seniors. Seniors that are aging in place are happier and healthier living on their own if they have a pet. But, some seniors and their families worry about the senior’s ability to take care of a pet as they get older and as the pet gets older. April is National Pet Month and now is a great time for seniors and their families to explore options for seniors that have cats. Seniors who love their cats can ensure that their cats are happy and healthy as they age by:

Relying on Senior Home Care

One of the biggest concerns seniors have about caring for cats as the senior gets older is doing the work of caring for a cat like cleaning the litterbox and moving around heavy bags of food and litter. Seniors who don’t drive also worry about getting their cats to the vet if there was an emergency since many rideshares and taxis won’t take animals, even cats in carriers. With senior home care, seniors don’t have to worry about the physical aspects of taking care of their cats. A home care provider can do the heavy lifting, clean the litterbox, and make sure that the cat is able to get to the vet in an emergency.

Getting At Home Vet Care

These days many vets offer veterinary house calls for seniors. From dropping off medication to performing exams and giving vaccinations at home cats can get basic health care at home so that seniors don’t have the stress of trying to put the cat in a carrier and get it to the vet’s office. In-home cat care is less stressful for the cat and less stressful for seniors. It’s easier for seniors to make sure that their cat gets the preventative care it should have if the vet comes to the house to deliver care. And in many cases there is no additional charge or just a small fee for a house call.

Feeding The Right Diet

As cats older their dietary needs change. Cats are considered to be seniors when they’re between seven and nine years old. And that means they need a special diet that is gentle on their stomachs and has the right nutrition for senior cats. Just like senior people need to change the way they eat in order to stay healthy as they get older cats need that too. Seniors who want their cats to stay healthy as they age should talk to their vet about what type of senior diet is best for their cat once their cat becomes a senior.

Catify The House

“Catification” is a fancy term for doing things in the house that will give cats the things they need to be healthy. Typically “catifying” a house means making sure cats have a cat tree or two, a scratching post, and some comfy places to sleep. Investing in making the home healthy and safe for cats will ensure that your cat is physically and mentally healthy.

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