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Explore the Different Types of Care and Services for Your Aging Dad

Elder Care in Sedalia CO

Your dad’s getting older and some of the instrumental activities of daily living trouble him. He wants to age in place, but some of his daily routines are too hard for him to tackle on his own. Check out the different types of elder care services that help your dad stay independent.

Companionship and Encouragement

One of the helpful aspects of elder care is that your dad isn’t alone. He has a caregiver for companionship as often as he needs. His caregiver can keep him company and encourage him if he has exercise routines his physical therapist wants him to do each day.

His caregiver can make sure your dad does his hand, leg, or arm exercises. If he’s supposed to walk for 30 minutes each day, his caregiver joins him on those walks and encourages him to go as far as he can manage.

Errands and Shopping

Your dad has errands to run each week. He might need to go to the post office to pick up packages. He has groceries and household items to purchase, but he needs help using the card reader. Your dad might not be allowed to drive due to worsening vision or medication side effects.

His caregiver can accompany him as he runs errands, goes shopping, or gets a prescription refill at the pharmacy. He won’t have to do these tasks alone or wait until you’re free.

Grooming and Hygiene

Does your dad have a harder time with some aspects of grooming and hygiene? He has arthritis and the joints in his fingers are stiff. He can’t hold a toothbrush or floss. Have a caregiver available to help him with oral care.

Your dad cannot button his shirt. It’s okay as his caregiver can do it for him. His caregiver can tie your dad’s shoes, buckle his belt, or zip up his coat for him. He has all of the help he needs with personal care and dressing.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Elder care can be there to clean your dad’s home, change his sheets, and do his laundry. His caregiver will vacuum carpets, sweep hardwood and tile floors, load and run the dishwasher or wash dishes, and put the clean dishes away.

His caregiver can sanitize sinks and counters, clean faucets, dust, and tidy up. When the laundry is dry, his caregiver can iron anything that needs ironing, fold or hang items, and put clean clothes and linens away.

Meals and Snacks

Your dad doesn’t cook, but that doesn’t mean he cannot have nutritious meals. His caregiver can plan a weekly menu with him, shop for the groceries he needs, and cook meals or prepare snacks when he’s ready to eat. His caregiver can sit with him while he eats, too.

If he needs to take his daily medications with a meal or before his meals, medication reminders are given at the appropriate time. He won’t miss a dose or take it incorrectly anymore.

Scheduling and Transportation

Your dad needs help scheduling his different medical appointments. He needs assistance setting up services like furnace or boiler cleanings and inspections. He also needs help scheduling haircuts. His caregiver helps with all of this and can drive him to appointments if needed.

Now that you understand what elder care helps with, it’s time to talk to your family about caregivers. Your dad shouldn’t have to struggle to care for himself and his home. Arrange elder care aides for the services he most needs.

If you or an aging loved one is considering elder care in Sedalia, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY Home Care of Parker. 303-953-9924