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Helping Your Senior Buy Healthy Frozen Food

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Thanks to the invention of the freezer, we’re lucky to be able to store food in our freezer. And to celebrate that luxury, March 4th (always the first Saturday of the month) is National Frozen Food Day! But frozen food isn’t always the best choice. It can be full of preservatives and salt, making it a rather unhealthy meal choice for your loved one. Having a senior home care provider help your loved one purchase and prep frozen food can help make sure that when your loved one relies on frozen foods for her meal, to supplement her meal, or as a snack, she’s making the best frozen food choices she can make.

Fresh is always best but fresh is not always available due to the season or the location of where you live. Here are some great items for your loved one to keep in her freezer for when she can’t find fresh or doesn’t have the time to prep the fresh alternatives. Add them to the shopping list for the next time your loved one goes to the market with her senior home care provider, and you’ll know the items she’s grabbing from her freezer are smart choices.

Turkey meatballs

Look for ones that are low in sodium and your loved one will have an easy source of meat that is high in protein and lower in fat. They can be served with rice, with marinara sauce, or on a sandwich. Your loved one can even add them to soup to up the protein she’s receiving. Just watch overall salt levels as meals are created.


A bag of frozen vegetables can be an easy way to make sure your loved one is getting in her servings of vegetables each day. They also can be added to soup, into casseroles, or eaten on the side with her main protein. Most frozen vegetables are very low in any additives so they are good to enjoy at every meal.


Having a bag of frozen berries in the freezer can be a great addition to anyone’s pantry. They’re full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and can last a lot longer than fresh produce. During certain times of the year, they can be less expensive than their fresh counterparts — such as when a particular fresh fruit is out of season. Frozen fruit is great for quick smoothies and can also help curb those sweet cravings.


Fresh fish can be hard to find and somewhat daunting to cook. Look for frozen fish that again is low in preservatives and sodium and ready to be easily prepared. Some great bets for frozen fish are salmon and white fish. They can make a great meal that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Just have your loved one stay away from breaded frozen fish when possible.

Brown Rice

Frozen brown rice provides all of the fiber and nutrients without having to wait for it to cook. It’s an easy side dish for just about any meal.

So, while fresh is always best, the reality is that sometimes we need to rely on frozen food. If your loved one keeps a freezer full of healthy frozen food, it can be a great addition to her meal planning.


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