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How To Make Personal Care Tasks Less Embarrassing For Seniors

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One of the areas that seniors struggle with the most as they get older is personal care. Personal care and the activities of daily living like showering, brushing their teeth, and getting dressed get more difficult for seniors as they get older, especially for seniors that have medical conditions that impact their mobility or grip strength. Seniors may not like the idea of having to ask their children for help with tasks like going to the bathroom or showering. There are some things that seniors and their adult children can do to address a senior’s need for help while minimizing their embarrassment like:

Personal Care At Home

For many seniors personal care at home is the ideal way to address their needs without any embarrassment or awkwardness. Personal care at home is delivered by trained caregivers who are used to working the unique needs of seniors. They are able to help seniors with things like showering, using the bathroom, and getting dressed or undressed while maintaining their dignity and privacy. With personal care at home seniors get the help they need in a discreet manner so they can keep up their appearance and hygiene. And when seniors have good hygiene and are able to look the way they want to look they will feel more confident and outgoing.

Making Sure Seniors Have All The Supplies They Need

If your senior loved one can still do some things themselves but they find shopping or getting items that will make their activities of daily living easier difficult you can help by getting those items for them. Make sure that they always have incontinence briefs in the home. And look for items that can help them like adaptive toothbrushes made to be easy to grip and devices that will help seniors with things like pulling a shirt over their heads or putting on socks.

Getting Seniors New Clothes

New clothes that are easier for them to put on can make it easier for seniors to get dressed and undressed on their own while still maintaining a sense of personal style. For example, swapping out button up shirts for pullovers can make getting dressed much easier for seniors. Pull on pants that don’t have zippers can also make getting dressed easier. Clothing styles that are designed for seniors will allow seniors to keep some of their independence.

Having A Regular Spa Day

Another way to make personal care less embarrassing for seniors is to take seniors out once a week for a spa day. Take them to get their washed and styled. And then take them for a manicure and pedicure. And take men to get shaved and a quick haircut at the barber. Professional grooming services will make seniors look and feel better. And when seniors feel good about how they look they are much more likely to want to go out and socialize in the world, which is something they need to do to maintain good mental health.


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