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You Can’t Ignore These Benefits of In-Home Care

In-home care is one of the best ways to help your mom out while she ages at home. It’s beneficial in so many ways. Take a closer look at what in-home care is.

Caregivers Come to Your Mom’s Home

Caregivers arrive as scheduled and help your mom with her housework, errands, meals, and much more. It frees up your time, which enables you to focus on your career, children, friends, and spouse. When you do visit your mom, you can enjoy each other’s company and not be rushed to get things done.

Personal Care and Companion Care Needs Are Covered

In-home care covers a variety of personal and companion care services. It entails all of this:

  • Assistance with baths and showers
  • Assistance drying off and applying moisturizer and deodorant
  • Help choosing appropriate clothing
  • Help with dressing
  • Reminder to take her medications on time
  • Reminder to schedule appointments like dental exams, furnace cleanings, and doctor’s visits
  • Completion of cleaning tasks like dishes, vacuuming, laundry, dusting, and tidying up
  • Completion of sheet changes each week or every other week
  • Preparation of meals and snacks
  • Building shopping lists and help choosing the appropriate items at the grocery store
  • Organization of mail and purchases
  • Companionship around the home, when out running errands, or on walks
  • Companionship on appointment days
  • Transportation to and from area businesses and medical offices

How do you determine what services best suit your mom? Pay attention to the things she can do each day. Now, where does she always have to ask you or another family member to help out?

For example, you’ve noticed she won’t do the laundry if she’s alone. Ask her why. It’s possible that she’s uncomfortable carrying the hamper down a flight of stairs. That’s one aspect of home care that will help her with weekly and daily chores.

Get Started With In-Home Care

Sit down with your mom and any family members and friends who help her out. See what they feel would help your mom. What does she think? As you build a list of possible services, see if there are questions that others want answered when you talk to a home care specialist.

Try to involve your mom in the conversation with an in-home care advisor. Her input is important, and she should have the chance to ask questions and hear the answers.

How do you arrange in-home care for your mom? Start by having a conversation with your mom and other immediate family members who are involved in her care. What help does she need, and what is she capable of doing on her own?

Once you have a solid list of the care she needs, see if anyone has questions about in-home care. You’ll ask these questions when you make a call to get prices and learn more about the services.

If you or an aging loved one is considering in-home care in Highlands Ranch, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY Home Care of Parker. 303-953-9924