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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Senior

Senior Home Care in Sedalia CO

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and someone you know may not be too excited about it. If your aging loved one has lost the true love of their life in the past couple of years, holidays like Valentine’s Day can be really tough for them as they miss the love they once shared with someone.

Talk to your loved one about how she’s feeling about the upcoming holiday and let her know that it’s okay to feel the sadness and grief that comes with losing someone that she loved so dearly. Then ask her if there is something you or her senior home care team can do to help her still celebrate this holiday focused on love because there are lots of people in this world that still love her. If she’s up to the idea, here are a few suggestions to make your loved one feel especially loved this February 14.

Enlist the grandkids
If your loved one has grandkids, either near or far, they can be a great resource for sharing love unconditionally. You can have grandkids create special cards for your elderly loved one and send them in the mail so that during Valentine’s week, your loved one can find a special surprise in the mailbox each day. If they live nearby, have them bring over some treats, or if your loved one is up for it, plan a time for her to bake cookies or share a pizza dinner with them.

Remind family members
Other adult family members who aren’t the direct caregivers of your aging loved one may forget about her on this holiday as they celebrate with their immediate family. A quick call or text the week before to remind them to send a card or give her a call might be all they need to take a moment and share some love with her.

Include other caregivers and providers
If your loved one has a senior home care provider that stops by the home weekly, include that provider in the celebration. If one of the things the senior home care provider does is help with shopping, make sure to have your senior home care provider pick up a special treat from the bakery or a nice bottle of wine for your loved one. You could also have your senior care provider bring over some flowers to brighten up the home on their next visit.

Find some long, lost friends
If your loved one has an address book with names and numbers of friends she’s had for decades but perhaps hasn’t talked to in years, give them a call and ask if they can reach out. Your loved one may enjoy talking to someone who knew her partner and can share stories about the days of yesteryear. The reconnection may even continue into the year, and your loved one will have a renewed friendship and someone to connect with whenever she’s feeling a bit lonely.

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