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How Can Elder Care Help Seniors with Vision Impairment?

Elder Care in Franktown CO

When your aging family member is experiencing changes in her vision or losing her vision entirely, you both may feel as if the situation is hopeless. Elder care services can offer your senior lots of support and assistance that keeps her on target to meet her goals, including ones around aging in place. Here are just a few of the ways that caregivers can help.


One of the big changes your senior is likely to face when it comes to dealing with vision impairment is that she may find that she can’t drive any longer. That doesn’t have to mean that she’s trapped in her home, however. Home care professionals can make sure that your elderly family member gets to her appointments, is able to run errands, and can visit friends and family when she needs and wants to do all of those things. Knowing that she’s not restricted to staying at home continuously can make a huge difference in her emotional well-being.

Safety Assistance

Safety is a huge concern at all times for seniors at home, but it’s especially crucial if your elderly family member has trouble with her vision. Your senior may be at greater risk of falling and becoming injured, which is definitely something that you want to avoid. Elder care professionals are able to offer assistance with tasks that are likely to be more dangerous, like bathing, but they can also be on the lookout for safety concerns that need to be addressed for your senior.

Adaptive Tools and Devices

Assistive devices make your senior’s life much easier and can help her to be safer, too. But it’s not unusual for people to avoid using assistive tools, even knowing that they would be helpful. Sometimes these tools are difficult to use, or they’re simply difficult to remember to use. Elder care professionals can be there to remind your senior to use them and to make them easier to access.

Personalized Care and Support

Your senior isn’t exactly like every other person on the planet. She has unique needs that are always changing. Having home care professionals there with her offers her a plan to have a personalized plan that supports her exact needs. As those needs change, it helps to have someone there with her who can make those adjustments on the fly.


Another factor that is easy to overlook can be that your senior may be feeling lonelier than ever as her vision worsens. She may not be getting out as much or seeing the people she cares about as often as she would like. Caregivers can spend time with her and offer her the social engagement that she needs and wants.

Vision impairment can cause some big changes in your elderly family member’s life and in how she experiences everything around her. With the right help, though, your senior is able to keep living in her own home and having the experience that she wants to have. Elder care can ensure that she has everything that she needs.


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