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3 Tips for Holiday Celebrations with Your Senior

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The holidays are here and so are all of the fun celebrations that come along with them. There are special shows and events that you might want to go see with your loved one, as well as family get-togethers. It can be a wonderful time of year when many joyful memories are created that will be remembered for years to come.

It’s important to help your loved one enjoy all of the festivities without causing undo stress or a setback in their health. It can be a balancing act as you try to navigate through the season providing the best experiences for you, your aging loved one, and the rest of your family.

To help you through the holidays, here are some ways you and elder care can help your senior loved one enjoy themselves without becoming overwhelmed:

Balance is everything

It may seem like the world is whipping by at a frenetic pace, but as the caregiver, you’ll want to try to balance all of the exciting events occurring with some quiet, down time. One of the hard choices you might have to make is which events you and your aging loved one can attend and which you might have to take a pass on. There might be some events that only you go to, while your loved one stays home. This is always a good time to have an elder care provider come and stay with your loved one as you go to events that just aren’t made for him.

Keep it short and sweet

Another way to achieve balance is to plan on attending events for only short periods of time. While it’s hard to only see part of the Christmas play, you probably can attend the Holiday dance for a short visit. Also, elder care can provide transportation to and from your child’s holiday performances so your senior parent doesn’t become exhausted. Talk to your loved one about how long she feels she can stay and then don’t hesitate to ask for help with transportation.

Don’t pile it on

You might normally think running a few errands before attending the family get-together is a great way to combine tasks. But, asking your loved one to come along as you run errands could get to be too much, and cause your loved one to not enjoy the family time. Try to get all of the loose ends wrapped up before you attend the holiday event so your loved one can expend her energy enjoying that special time.

Remember, you don’t have to get it all done. It’s okay, even during the holidays, to pass on certain events and not complete specific tasks. Focus on what matters and let the rest fall away.


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