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Six Ways In-home Care Truly Helps Your Senior

In-Home Care in Castle Pines CO

Aging adults may suddenly find themselves in a situation they didn’t expect, namely one in which they need help from other people with tasks they’ve always handled themselves. Having help from in-home care professionals is a wonderful thing, but it can take some getting used to for your senior. Your senior may also not realize just how helpful these caregivers can be.


Your elderly family member may not realize it, but having someone there to offer friendly conversation and a positive attitude does so much for her own mental health. Seniors who isolate themselves tend to experience higher rates of loneliness and depression. That’s definitely something that you want to help your senior to avoid.

Household Tasks and Errands

As your elderly family member grows older, she may find that it takes a lot more out of her to run normal errands and keep up with daily household tasks. Having in-home care providers helping with those tasks frees up time and energy for your elderly family member. That’s vital when it comes to keeping her as healthy as you can.


If your senior no longer drives, she may feel as if she doesn’t have a lot of options for transportation. That isn’t the case when home care providers are there with your senior. Caregivers can keep your senior safe while ensuring that she goes everywhere that she needs to go. This is really important for your senior’s social health as well as making sure she gets to appointments when she needs to.

Personal Care Tasks

Your senior may also be having more trouble taking care of something called personal care tasks. These are normal activities that she’s probably always handled well on her own, like taking a shower or getting dressed. In-home care providers help your senior with these tasks without making your senior feel embarrassed or bad that she needs this help.


Staying healthy also means eating healthy meals consistently. The problem is that cooking and preparing meals can be exhausting. If that’s the case for your aging family member, then having in-home care providers helping with her meals is huge. You’ll also feel better knowing that your senior has meal options.

Respite Care

At some stage, you may be doing the majority of the care for your senior. That’s not unusual at all for family caregivers to take on more and more responsibility. But you need breaks, too. If you’re burning the candle at both ends, that’s not a sustainable option. Home care providers can step in for you and offer respite care, which means that you’re able to take time away and recuperate a bit. You’ll come back refreshed and able to give your senior your full attention.

If you and your elderly family member haven’t considered how senior care providers can help her the most, now might be the time to have that conversation. Talk about where she’s having more trouble and work out ways that you can resolve those issues for her.

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