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Seven Ways a Vegetarian Diet Can Help Your Dad’s Health

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Your dad doesn’t have to switch to a completely vegetarian diet, but a couple of vegetarian meals every week are tremendously beneficial. Take time during Vegetarian Awareness Month to discover seven ways a vegetarian diet helps him improve his health, and how senior home care can support these changes.

It Can Lower Inflammation Within the Body

Depending on the foods your dad eats, a vegetarian diet can help lower some inflammation within his body. If he enjoys cured meats or deli items, they can increase inflammation within the blood vessels, which increases the risk of certain cancers and heart disease. That’s why they’re meant to be avoided or eaten in moderation

He’ll Save Money

Has your dad ever struggled to come up with the money he needs to pay for monthly prescriptions? A vegetarian diet can be more affordable. A pound of dried beans is often not much more than $1, and that pound of beans can become a hearty meal. Make a pot of vegetarian chili for a few dollars.

Vegetables and Legumes Can Lower His Blood Pressure

Does your dad have high blood pressure? Has his doctor said his numbers are higher than the doctor wants to see? A vegetarian diet can help reach and maintain healthy blood pressure readings.

He May Lose Weight

If your dad is overweight, a vegetarian diet may help. Legumes and grains make him feel full for longer. It will lower his binge snacks. That can help aid weight loss goals.

His Cholesterol Levels Drop

Your dad’s cholesterol levels are based on good fats (HDL) and bad fats (LDL). Saturated fats play a part in LDL levels, and fatty cuts of meat are part of that equation. If your dad switches some of his meals to vegetarian ones, it can help lower his LDL cholesterol readings.

A High-Fiber Diet Prevents Certain Forms of Cancer

Fiber has been linked to a lower risk of colorectal cancer. Charred meats, deli meats, and cured meats increase the risk. Switching to a vegetarian diet that’s rich in beans, quinoa, and whole grains can help lower the risk of colorectal cancer for that reason.

He Gets Essential Nutrients

When properly planned, a vegetarian diet contains the nutrients your dad needs. He’ll be consuming dried beans and tofu, which are rich sources of protein. Beans are high in fiber. He’ll be relying on fruits and vegetables for all meals and snacks, so he’s getting essential antioxidants.

If your dad snacks on nuts and adds seeds to his oatmeal, his omega-3 fatty acid intake is ensured. Plus, he’ll have whole grains on his plate, which increases his fiber intake.

Does Your Dad Need Help Planning and Preparing His Meals and Snacks?

If your dad simply has a hard time cooking meals that aren’t from a can or frozen and ready to heat and eat, hire a caregiver to help out. Senior home care aides can help him plan a weekly menu, shop for groceries, and prepare meals from scratch. Learn more by calling a senior home care agency.


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