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Activities to Do Together During World Alzheimer’s Month

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Alzheimer’s affects millions of families in the U.S. With 6.5 million Alzheimer’s patients in this nation, you likely have personal experience with the disease. In this case, it’s your mom who was diagnosed. Keeping her active and engaged is important in every stage of Alzheimer’s. You’re always looking for new things to do. Here are some of the activities you can do together during September’s World Alzheimer’s Month, and how companion care at home can help as the disease progresses.

Join a Walk to End ALZ

Across the nation, there are Walk to End ALZ events being held. Join one with your family. You can fundraise if you want to, but you’re not obligated to meet any donation minimum. The goal is to raise awareness of the disease by doing the one or two-mile walk. They’re held in areas where the walking paths are wheelchair accessible and everyone walks at their pace.

If you don’t want to walk, these events also look for volunteers to help set up, check the participants in, hand out water bottles, and clean up tables after. It’s a good way to support your community’s Alzheimer’s Association.

Work on a Puzzle

Fine motor skills will start to diminish over time, but you can help your mom work on maintaining them for as long as possible with hobbies. Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best. She has to envision how the patterns and colors go together and then figure out the shapes and how to manipulate the pieces to make them fit.

Bake Together

Bake bread and other items together. It’s also a healthier option as you have control of the ingredients. Kneading dough is a good way to ease stress and it also helps your mom exercise her fingers and wrists. The bread you make can go into the freezer until it’s needed.

Clear Out Her Gardens

Your mom still loves to garden. Help her get her garden beds cleared of weeds and dead plants before it gets too cold. Put down a layer of mulch and compost to break down over the winter. If there are plants that need to go into the ground before winter, such as garlic bulbs, plant them now and cover them in straw or wood chips for insulation.

Who Supports Her the Rest of the Time?

You’re there for your mom as much as you can be, but you’re also balancing a career, family responsibilities, and social activities. When you’re busy, who helps your mom? Are you pushing aside your plans to take care of your mom?

Companion care at home is also essential for both you and your mom. She needs to have as much support and socialization as she can. A companion care at home aide is an extra person she can rely on as the disease progresses. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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