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Who Is Personal Care at Home For?

Personal Care at Home in Franktown CO

Understanding the different types of care that your senior may need or want can feel overwhelming at first. Personal care at home, for instance, is a specific type of care. It’s about ensuring that your elderly family member’s personal care tasks are handled the right way and when she needs them to be handled. Here’s more information that can help you determine if this is the right care for her.

What Are Personal Care Tasks?

Personal care tasks are defined as tasks that support activities of daily living, or ADLs. These are activities that your senior needs to do on a regular basis to take care of her health and her body. These types of tasks include hygiene-related tasks like bathing and daily oral care. They can also include tasks like eating, toileting, and transferring from bed to a wheelchair and other locations.

Why Do People Need Help with Personal Care?

Someone could need assistance with personal care tasks for a number of different reasons. Some people may only need temporary help with personal care at home, while others find themselves in a situation where their health is declining and they need more help permanently. Whatever your senior’s situation, home care providers are there to offer her help, not judge or make her feel bad at all.

Benefits of Personal Care at Home

When your senior has help with personal care, she’s able to take care of basic needs that may have become too difficult or unsafe for her to manage on her own. She’s able to ensure that her body and her teeth or dentures are clean, that she’s eating healthy meals routinely, and that any other personal care needs are addressed. All of this is possible because she’s got the support that she needs.

Personal Care Supports Independence

One of the most important factors for you and your senior to be aware of is that help from personal care assistants does not mean that your senior is incapable or that she can’t live her life the way she wants to live it. Often seniors worry that accepting help with personal care means that they’re one step closer to having to leave their home. Or that this is the beginning of something else that they don’t want. But personal care providers are there to help your senior to preserve her independence as well as her dignity.

Personal Care Helps You to Stay on Top of Your Senior’s Needs

Another massive benefit, especially for long-distance caregivers, is that you’re able to learn more about and stay on top of what your senior needs most. Personal care at home ensures that your senior’s needs are met and that she’s got as much or as little help as she truly requires. That can relieve both you and your senior of a lot of stress.
No matter how long your senior needs help with personal care tasks, she can have that assistance. As her needs change, so can the types of help she receives as well.

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