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Everything Your Family Needs to Know About Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care in Highlands Ranch CO

It’s time to consider your mom’s need for help around the home. After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she’s not able to do many things that used to be so easy. Maybe she fell and needed surgery to fix a broken wrist.

She leans on you a lot, and it’s getting harder to balance your home life, work responsibilities, and her care needs. Have you considered senior home care? Here’s what you need to know about this important service.

The Goal is to Promote Independence

Caregivers are not there to take over. The goal of senior home care services is to support your mom with enough help that she maintains independence while aging at home.

The Plans Are Built to Meet Her Needs

Care plans are established to support your mom’s needs. If she requires help with meals and snacks, she can have caregivers help her plan a weekly menu, go shopping for any missing ingredients, and prepare meals on the appropriate days.

She can have caregivers help with laundry, light housekeeping, mail organization, personal care, and transportation. Her caregiver can simply stop by for a chat and to make sure your mom is set with household supplies and foods.

You Can Change Plans With Ease

Senior care plans are easily adjusted. Support your mom after a surgery, illness, or fall. When she’s healed, stop the home care services that were helping her during the recovery. She’s not locked into senior home care services if she’s well enough to no longer need them.

Around-the-Clock Care Is Available

Suppose you live with your mom and usually help her with dinner and overnight. You have an important business convention and will be gone for a week. She can’t be alone and no one is available to help out.

You can arrange for 24-hour home care services while you’re away. Your mom’s not alone and struggling. You can focus on your career with the confidence that she’s well cared for.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Caregivers No Showing Up

One of the biggest worries families have involves what happens if a caregiver can’t get a car started or is sick? When you arrange caregiver services with an agency, a substitute is sent to ensure your mom isn’t alone.

You Get a Break

What if you’re already the family caregiver? Have you considered the benefits of respite care? Take a day off to have time alone, go out with friends, or keep appointments. Have caregivers come and spend a day with your mom while you take care of yourself socially, physically, or mentally.

Talk to a senior home care advisor to get answers to any questions you have. The advisor will go over pricing, scheduling, and booking services. Make the call or go online to get started.



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