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Discuss the Benefits of 24-Hour Home Care for Your Senior with Vision Loss

24-Hour Home Care in Castle Rock CO

When an aging parent loses their vision, their need for help around the house will increase dramatically. It’s important to adapt your caregiving to your senior’s new normal, and to bring in more help when you can’t be there. While your mom may no need 24-hour home care services every day, she will need more support while she adjusts to the changes she faces. Here are the ways 24-hour home care assists her.

Cleaning Tasks Are Easily Taken Care Of

Your mom needs to clean her home, but she can’t clearly see labels anymore. She’s ready to wash her dishes, but she grabs a bottle of floor cleaner instead of her bottle of dish soap. With a caregiver’s help, your mom is able to clean her home with the correct cleaners.

Her caregiver can help her do the laundry. If she can’t read the care label on a new outfit, it doesn’t matter. Her caregiver can. Nothing is washed incorrectly leading to costly damage to the item.

Assistance With Ambulation

Moving around her home after losing her vision is rough. Your mom should have someone available throughout the day and night to help her get to the bathroom, get a glass of water, or step outside for some fresh air.

If your mom wakes up and is experiencing stiffness in her joints or muscles, her caregiver can help her stretch out before she goes back to bed. Her caregiver is there for support as she walks around, gets out of bed, or goes to side down in her favorite chair.

Help With Meals and Snacks

Your mom can’t clearly see where her appliances and foods are. Even if she thinks she can do it, she won’t love a meal where she accidentally used cayenne instead of paprika. Having an aide available to help read labels and gather the correct supplies makes a difference.

Proper Care of the Teeth and Gums

Your mom can brush and floss her teeth by feel, but how does she know that she hasn’t missed a spot? She can have her caregiver monitor her progress and make sure each quadrant of her mouth is cleaned.

Her caregiver can hand her the toothpaste and mouthwash to ensure she has the right products. Your mom’s home care aide also gets her the right amount of dental floss or sets up her water flosser to make sure it’s ready to use.

Call a home care agency about around-the-clock caregiver services. You want to make sure your mom has caregivers to help out where needed. Learn more about prices, services, and schedules by reaching out to a specialist in 24-hour home care.


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