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How Seniors Can Make The Most Of Warm Summer Weather

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The summer is heating up fast and for seniors that means it will finally be nice enough to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Seniors need sunlight so that they can get Vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient that humans get from sunlight. After a long dark winter many people are deficient in Vitamin D and getting out to enjoy the summer weather can help. Some of the ways that seniors can make the most of the best summer weather are:

Exercise In The Yard

Seniors who have a back yard should do their exercises outdoors. It’s a great time for seniors to try something new like Tai Chi, which is a series of gentle stretches. Or yoga that is designed for seniors would be a great choice too. Spread out some mats in the yard or have an elder care provider help your senior loved one set up some fun activities in the back yard like corn hole, croquet, and other traditional summer games. Seniors may also enjoy gardening during the warm summer months.

Go For A Walk

Going for a walk through the neighborhood is a simple activity that has a huge list of benefits. Daily walking is great for your muscle strength. It can help seniors lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight. A walk can also help seniors boost their mood, fight off the symptoms of depression, and help seniors hang onto their cognitive skills. Seniors can also use their walks as a social activity by stopping to talk with neighbors or looking into the corner store or coffee shop as they walk. Elder care providers can accompany your senior on a daily walk for companionship and stability.

Set Up A Swing

A front porch swing or backyard swing is one of summer’s greatest pleasures. You can set up a sturdy swing for your senior loved one either on the front porch if they have one or in the backyard. Make sure that the swing is anchored strongly enough either to the porch or to the ground that it won’t fall over or tip over. If it does that could cause some serious injuries for your senior loved one. After you make sure that the swing is secure set out some comfortable cushions, pillows, and blankets to keep your senior loved one cozy. And make sure the swing is in the shade or has an umbrella for sun protection.

Eat Meals Outdoors

Dining outdoors is a lovely summer ritual. If your senior loved one has trouble cooking, or if you think they need help carrying trays of food or drinks outdoors elder care can help. Elder care is a fantastic way to give your senior loved one the extra help they need around the house. A care provider can help your senior loved one make delicious summer treats and carry them outdoors so that meals or even just morning coffee or drinks after dinner can be enjoyed outdoors in the beautiful summer weather.


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