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5 Safety Tips for Seniors Aging in Place

Home Care Assistance in Sedalia CO

Aging in place has become more and more common as resources like home care assistance have become more readily available. If your senior wishes to remain living in their own home as they age, there are steps you can take to improve their safety at home. One of the best ways to ensure that your parent can maintain their independence while staying safe is by encouraging home care assistance. When you can’t be there, home care providers can offer companionship, mobility assistance, help getting into and out of bed, supervision while exercising and other safety measures. Here are a few modifications you can make to your senior’s home to reduce their fall risk and improve overall safety:

No Area Rugs or Loose Carpets

One of the best tips for home safety in the elderly years is to ensure there aren’t any loose area rugs or carpets. If these are going to be used, they should be placed or taped down securely to the floor. The looser they are, the more likely senior citizens will be to trip over them. This can cause them to fall and get injured.

Replacing Tough-to-Turn Handles

Does your elderly loved one ever struggle with turning handles? If these handles are on sinks or bathtubs, they may have a difficult time turning the water off. This could cause them to flood the bathroom or kitchen. If the doorknobs or handles are on the exterior doors, your elderly loved one may not be able to get out if there is a fire or another emergency. The best option would be to replace any tough-to-turn handles with easier-to-use ones.

Installing and Using Grab Bars

If your elderly loved one has already fallen in their bathroom or you are worried they will, it would be a good idea to install grab bars. If the grab bars are in your elderly loved one’s bathroom, it can help to prevent falls. It can also help them to keep their balance as they maneuver their way in and out of the shower. If needed, you can even have home care assistance providers ensure the grab bars aren’t coming loose.

Getting Rid of Other Fall Hazards

There are often other reasons for falls in senior citizens. For example, they may fall on a wet porch or on a loose bathmat inside their shower. It is important that you and home care providers do what you can to get rid of other fall hazards in your elderly loved one’s home. The fewer fall hazards there are, the less likely your elderly loved one will get injured.

Use of Light Switches

Does your elderly loved one get up often throughout the night? If so, it would be helpful for them to have easy access to light switches. This may be something that you need to hire professional electricians to install. However, it would be worth it to help your elderly loved one see better as they move around throughout the night. If your elderly loved one is a nighttime mover, you may also want to get them home care assistance in case they need even more help.


These are some of the tips for home safety in the elderly years. Now that you have these tips, be sure to start helping your elderly loved one to implement them into their house. The more of these that are implemented, the less likely your elderly loved one will be to get injured.


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