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Four Steps for Making Hygiene Easier on Your Senior

Elder Care in Franktown CO

As your aging family member grows older, lots of things become more complicated, including personal hygiene. There are so many different variables at play, too, which can make it all even more complex. Working with your senior to put a routine together that helps her to account for those changes she’s experiencing is so important.

Determine What Does and Doesn’t Work in Her Current Routine

Before you and your senior can make changes to her existing habits and routines, you need to know what’s working and what isn’t. If she’s having difficulty raising her hands over her head, for instance, she might find it difficult to wash her hair or to take care of her hair in other ways. Problems with mobility might mean that showers are more difficult or that getting dressed is a complicated and painful process.

Look at How You Can Make Hygiene Safer

Elder Care in Franktown CO
Elder Care in Franktown CO

Once you know what’s becoming more difficult or where your senior has the majority of her needs, the next step is to look at safety. What’s causing her to be unsafe when she’s taking care of hygiene needs? Mobility issues are a huge concern, but it can also be unsafe for your senior to feel afraid of doing normal things like bathing and getting dressed. It’s also important to remember that it can take a lot longer for your elderly family member to do these things, which can wear her out even more. Putting elder care providers in the picture can help tremendously.

Address Gaps in Her Needs

Other gaps in your senior’s needs can be met by caregivers, too. Having help from elder care providers can ensure that your senior is able to rest during and in between activities. They can also make sure that your elderly family member is taking care of her skin and her body. If it’s been difficult for your senior to handle hygiene herself, her skin may need to recover.

Reassess Her Routines Periodically to See if Changes Would Help

This is very much an ongoing process. Your senior’s needs are going to continue to change over time and she’ll need adjustments in her routines to account for those changes. Reassessing her needs on a regular basis ensures that you’re keeping up with those changes as much as possible.

It can be so difficult for seniors to accept help with personal care at first. Take things slowly and encourage your elderly family member to share how she’s feeling.

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