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Find Out How Home Care Helps You Take Care of Your Family

Home Care in Lone Tree CO

Home care is for your aging parents, but did you realize how much it helps you? When professional caregivers are there to assist your parents, you’re free to take your kids to the zoo, attend their school functions, or have a date night with your significant other.

If you haven’t had a break in a while, it’s time to stop and consider your own needs. Here are the many ways home care helps you take care of your parents and yourself.

Personal Care and Grooming

Your dad has a harder time shaving his face now. As his arthritis worsens, he struggles to hold his razor. He hasn’t shaved in weeks and looks scruffy. After showering, his caregiver can help him shave and trim his beard.

It might be your mom that has a hard time buttoning her shirts. She doesn’t want to dress in pull-on clothing, but arthritis keeps her from manipulating the small blouse buttons. Home care providers help her with dressing.

Light Housekeeping and Laundry

Home Care in Lone Tree CO
Home Care in Lone Tree CO

Your parents don’t have the stamina they used to have. They can clean here and there, but it’s tough for them to complete all of the light housekeeping chores they need to complete. Laundry is incredibly challenging as they’re not confident going up and down the stairs to the basement.

Have caregivers do the housekeeping chores for them. Home care providers can vacuum carpets, mop floors, wipe down counters, and do the laundry. When clothes are dry and folded, caregivers can put them away.


When you’re unavailable to drive your mom or dad to an appointment or a store, you don’t have to get them to cancel their plans. Instead, hire caregivers for transportation services.


Caregivers offer the companionship your parents need for their emotional and mental health. You don’t have to be the only person they socialize with. Caregivers provide companionship when needed.

Care Needs That Extend Beyond the Obvious

Sometimes, the care you offer your parents isn’t something you see on a standard home care menu. Your mom’s cognitive skills are diminishing, and she often forgets how to take care of her cat. She doesn’t know to clean the litter box each day or remember that her cat needs cat food, not people’s food.

Professional caregivers offer your mom cues to help her complete tasks independently. She can still feed her cat, but she needs someone to offer a gentle reminder of where the food is and how much her cat gets.

Respite Care Services Give You a Break

Instead of pushing your self-care needs to the side, you can have it all with respite care. Help your parents throughout the week, but take breaks as needed to do things you enjoy or need to get done. Call a home care specialist to make arrangements.

If you or an aging loved one is considering home care in Lone Tree, CO, please contact the caring staff at SYNERGY Home Care of Parker. 303-953-9924