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What Should Your Senior Do if She’s Trying to Lose Weight?

Home Care in Sedalia CO

Lots of seniors find that as they age, they have a more difficult time losing weight. If that’s true for your senior, then help from home care providers can be what she needs to revamp her diet just a little bit. The first step is to get her idea cleared medically, though.

Talk to Her Doctor

Always talk to your senior’s doctor before she tries to do anything about losing weight. There may be a lot more factors involved in your senior choosing to lose weight than simply changing her diet. Existing health issues can make changing her weight difficult or even inadvisable, so talking to her doctor first is crucial.

Avoid Fad Diets and Big Restrictions

No matter what else is going on, your senior should avoid fad diets and restricting her eating in big ways. This is often a recipe for disaster and it can have unintended consequences for your aging family member’s health. Anything that causes her to eliminate entire categories of food from her diet is likely too restrictive.

Stick with Whole Foods

Home Care in Sedalia CO
Home Care in Sedalia CO

A different option to embrace instead is to opt for whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins. Anything that needs to be prepared and cooked is likely on that list. The downside, of course, is that it can be more difficult for your senior to keep up with a whole food diet on her own. Home care providers can help immensely with all aspects of food preparation.

Reduce Processed Foods

Processed and prepackaged foods are, in general, a far less healthy choice for people to eat. Your senior may be able to heat up a microwave meal easier on her own, but that doesn’t mean that meal is nutritious. Pre-packaged foods aren’t just lighter on nutrients. They may not make much of a difference in terms of helping her to lose any weight at all.

Increase Protein Intake, if Okay with Her Doctor

Some health issues, like kidney disease, might mean that your senior should watch her protein intake. If your senior’s doctor is okay with her increasing her protein intake, though, that can help her to feel satiated. Increased protein intake can also help her to build and to keep more muscle mass and lose excess fat.

Work with your senior to find solutions that help her to have the nutrition and the safety that she needs as she goes about losing a few pounds. Home care providers can assist with safety as well as helping your senior to eat healthy meals regularly. As your elderly family member consistently eats a healthier diet, she’s more likely to feel better and to gradually let go of excess pounds.

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