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Four Ideas for Lowering Your Senior’s Bathroom Fall Risk

bathroom fall risks for seniors

If your elderly family member has even minor challenges to her mobility, you’re going to want to focus some time and energy on ensuring that her bathroom is as safe as possible for her to use. That means taking a closer look at the room itself and at how your senior uses it.

Make as Many Things Non-slip as Possible

Bathrooms are slippery rooms, especially once water gets involved. The key is to make as much of the bathroom non-slip as you possibly can. You can do that by adding bathmats and rugs with rubberized backings. You can also add non-slip mats to the inside of a tub or shower stall, which reduces the likelihood of your senior slipping on a soapy surface.

Add Grab Bars Wherever Possible

Another solid idea is to add grab bars in as many locations as you can. That means inside the tub or shower stall, on walls where someone might need stability, and even around the toilet. All of these areas may be near something else but having to reach too far for support can lead to a fall, too. Making it easy to access assistance is key.

Consider a Shower Chair or Bench

Installing a shower bench or chair in the tub or shower stall is also important. Even with help from you or from in-home care providers, your senior may not be able to stand as long as she needs to in order to bathe. It is really important to give her a spot where she can rest and still get clean.

Reduce Clutter in the Bathroom

If there is anything extra in your senior’s bathroom, find a new spot for those items. Any form of clutter just adds obstacles. Those obstacles can be a fall risk, so it’s much better to relocate them somewhere else. If any of those items are things your aging family member does need in the bathroom, find a way to store them that keeps them from becoming something that could contribute to a fall.

One of the most important ways for your senior to avoid a fall in the bathroom can be to have help. In-home care providers have the experience to assist your senior while she’s bathing and handling other personal care tasks. As embarrassed as she might be at first to have help from elder care providers, your senior will quickly find their help invaluable.

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