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The Best Overnight Oats for Seniors

Personal Care at Home in Castle Pines CO

One of the major health trends you will have noticed is overnight oats and overnight chia seed pudding. Overnight oats can be one of the easiest things to prepare, and they have tons of health benefits when a senior consumes them. Personal care at home can help seniors focus on their diet and meal prep throughout the week. Many caregivers work set hours, so seniors will still be on their own for parts of the night and maybe even early mornings.

People have been choosing overnight oats for meal prep because they can last for up to five days in the refrigerator. There are tons of recipes and ways to make this a tasty treat your parents or loved ones are sure to like. Seniors can greatly benefit from consuming a small breakfast of overnight oats.

One of the best ways to keep full is by consuming enough fiber. Overnight oats have tons of fiber which is one of the biggest advantages of this dish. These recipes will also help clean out the digestive system and keep seniors going to the bathroom regularly. It will help increase natural insulin levels and help manage a healthy weight with the high resistant starch in the dish.

Overnight Oat Recipes

Family caregivers can try out a few of these recipes to see which one a senior likes the best. This dish has many health benefits and is one of the easiest to ensure a senior has breakfast or lunch set up for the whole week. Keep in mind each batch will need to soak for 7-8 hours, so personal care at home providers can prepare it the night before or make one big batch to prep out the night before.

The Basic Recipe

Every recipe will have rolled oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds, and a dash of maple syrup. This recipe by itself can be tasty and delicious. The base makes it ultra creamy and utterly delicious. It is a flavor that most people will enjoy and it is easy enough for personal care at home providers to make before they leave for the day.

Fresh Fruit

If your senior loves bananas and strawberries the oat and yogurt makes a great base. This is one of the best ways to ensure a senior is eating plenty of fresh fruits every day and can be added right on top. If you are worried about your senior cutting their own fruit, they can pre-cut them and put them in the fridge. All a senior has to do is put the pre chopped fruit right on the top or mix it in.

Nuts and Granola

Some seniors may prefer to add a crunch to their overnight oats because it provides a nice texture. Things like sliced almond, cashews, or pecans also provide an excellent source of protein which can keep a senior full for much longer.

Dried Fruits

Other seniors may have plenty of dried fruits in their cabinets and this is a great thing to add to overnight oats. Things like dried raisins, apricots, and dates can be delicious in this base mix.



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