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How to Help Seniors Fight Seasonal Depression

Elder Care in Sedalia CO
Elder Care in Sedalia CO
Elder Care in Sedalia CO

Seasonal depression can affect anyone at any age. It is when overwhelming feelings of sadness occur around the same time every year. For most people, it happens during fall and winter and lessens when there is more sun during the spring and summer. There are many theories as to why seasonal depression happens, but the truth is more research needs to be done. If not properly managed, seasonal depression can be overwhelming for the senior and hard to cope with.

If you have not thought of elder care for your aging loved one suffering from seasonal depression, it is time to look into it. Elder care providers can help regulate daily routines and keep note of a senior’s mood. Elder care can also help limit a senior’s feelings of loneliness by providing consistent companionship.

There is not just one way to ease seasonal depression in seniors or aging parents. However, there are some things that are worth trying to see if it helps. Here are some things elder care providers, or you, can try out with their seniors.

Light Therapy

Now, you can buy light boxes to use as light therapy at home. These lights are not like average light bulbs but it is light that mimics the sun we would feel outside. Have the seniors sit in front of the light for at least 30 minutes a day and it may help boost their mood during a gloomy time of year.


If the senior you care for does not care for doctors or antidepressants it can be harder to battle seasonal depression. However, there are still other things you can do to try to boost a seniors mood. Essential oils may help a senior relax, de-stress, and influence their body in different ways.

Remind Them to Exercise

Although a senior may not move much during the winter they can still do home exercises that don’t involve going out. The short and simple exercises may boost the happy chemicals in their body that will help fight off seasonal depression.

Help Them Stick to a Routine

Having a regular sleeping and eating schedule may help reduce the symptoms of seasonal depression. This is something that elder care can do easily and ensure the senior is eating properly too.

Write it Down

If a senior can write, it’s time to start keeping a journal. This is a great way to understand feelings, emotions, and get some of the negative energy out. Writing down thoughts can be a mood lift for many seniors.

Join a Book Club or Start a Hobby

When seniors have something in their schedule to look forward to, or an activity they are motivated to continue, it can improve their overall outlook and mood. For someone with seasonal depression, this can make all the difference in helping make every day just a little better. Senior book clubs, sewing groups, bible study groups, chess clubs and more can offer a fun and encouraging event to look forward to every week.



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