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Safe Activities for Your Elderly Loved One

Have you been wondering what activities would be safe for your elderly loved one to do? Maybe your elderly loved one has been getting bored and they need something to do with their extra time. Your elderly loved one may be asking to go out and do things, so they don’t have to stay at home all the time. If this is the case, it is helpful to know that there are many safe activities for that your senior can do with your or an elderly care provider. Keep reading here to find out what activities you can share with your elderly loved one.

Going to Book Club

One of the activities that many elderly people enjoy is book club. This is a great way for your elderly loved one to keep their brain active, while being social, too. There are many book club groups on Facebook, in local libraries, and in various communities. You may want to check into these for your elderly loved ones – especially if they enjoy reading. If you can’t find a book club for them to attend, maybe you and your elderly loved one could do your own book club.

Getting Into Exercise


There are so many different types of exercise out there. While your elderly loved one might not be able to do some of them, there are still a host of senior-friendly exercises that they could do. You can check into exercise DVDs that feature cardio, flexibility, and other senior-friendly workouts. In fact, you can even search for senior-friendly exercises on YouTube or other places online. Exercising is beneficial for the elderly in regard to their physical and mental health. However, it can also give them something to do when they are feeling bored. As always, you should check with your senior’s doctor before beginning any new exercise routine, and hire elderly care providers to assist them while they try these new moves.

Activities at a Community Center


Is there a community center in your elderly loved one’s area? If so, you should check into what programs or activities they might have to offer. Many community centers will have activities planned specifically for seniors such as senior swimming times, bingo, and more. Sometimes, there is even an annual fee that can be paid. This way, your elderly loved might be able to take part in any activities that come up. If your elderly loved one would like, they may even be able to volunteer at the local community center. This can give them a sense of purpose and give them something to do at the same time.



These are some of the safe activities for your elderly loved one. You should sit down and talk to your elderly loved one about these options. Once they pick out some they would like to do, you or their elderly care providers can help them schedule a time to do each of these things.


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