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Senior Citizens Can Have Healthy Skin: Here is How to Make That Happen

As people age, they are likely going to have some changes to their skin. Most elderly people find that their skin is getting drier and thinner. They might have creases, age spots, bruises, or wrinkles on their skin. However, if your elderly loved one just puts a bit more care into their skin, it can make a huge difference in how healthy and radiant their skin looks. Here are some tips for helping your elderly loved one to have healthy skin as they age.

Changing the Bath Regimen

Did you know that changing one’s bath regimen could help to improve the health and look of their skin? For instance, does your elderly loved one usually take hot, long baths? If so, this could be drying out their skin. You or a senior care provider might want to convince your elderly loved one to take short showers with warm water instead. In addition, if your elderly loved one usually uses bar soap, you should convince them to use a gentle cleanser instead. This can reduce the irritation on their skin. Finally, it would be best for your elderly loved one to use a moisturizer that is fragrance-free. This way it doesn’t irritate their skin.

Staying Out of Direct Sunlight

What does your elderly loved one usually do when they go outdoors? Do they use sunblock? Do they wear hats? Are they usually sitting in the sunlight or do they sit in the shade? If your elderly loved one wants to have healthier skin as they age, they need to sit in the shade, wear hats when outside, and wear sunblock when outside, too. If they do these things, they will not only have more radiant-looking skin, but they can lower their risk of skin cancer, as well.

Increased Humidity Indoors

Is the air inside of your elderly loved one’s home very dry? If so, it can cause their skin to be dry, as well. If this is the case, you should get an air humidifier for inside your elderly loved one’s home. You can try out different humidity levels to see what works best for their skin. You or a senior care provider might have to turn the humidifier on for your loved one, though, because they might forget.


If your elderly loved one starts doing these things, they can have fewer skin changes as they age. Your elderly loved one can have healthier, more radiant-looking skin, as well. A senior care provider can ensure that your parent takes the proper UV protections and hydrates their skin on a regular basis.


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