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Best Exercises to Help Your Elderly Loved One Manage COPD

Does your elderly loved one have COPD? If so, they are going to have difficulties breathing. There are millions of people who battle with this disease every single day. There are some medications that can be given to help people who have COPD breathe a little easier. However, there are also some natural methods that can help people to manage this disease, as well. If you are taking care of your elderly loved one and they have COPD, you and their elderly care providers should try having them do exercises. Keep reading here to find out more about the best exercises that can help someone who has COPD. Check with your senior’s doctor before beginning any exercise regimen.

Doing Stretches

Many people don’t think much about stretching. However, stretching can help people in many different ways. It can help people who have COPD to stretch out their muscles. This can ultimately help them to breathe better. The tips for having your elderly loved one stretch include the following:

  • Have them start by bending left to right and then right to left (they should hold the position for a few seconds and then turn to the other side)
  • Then, have them lift their ankle up behind their body (have them hold one ankle up for a few seconds and then do the other one)
  • Have them slowly turn their head from left to right (they should do this a few times)
  • When sitting down, have them stretch their legs out in front of their body (have them reach as far as they can with their legs while sitting straight up)
  • If you and/or the caregivers can get your elderly loved one to do these stretches every day, it can really help them to manage their COPD better.

Doing Cardio

It would also be beneficial for your elderly loved one to do cardio if they have COPD. The cardio exercises can help to strengthen your elderly loved one’s lungs. These exercises can also help to improve the functioning of your elderly loved one’s lungs. The tips for having your elderly loved one do cardio exercises include the following:

  • Start slow and work up the intensity over time
  • Walking, swimming, and riding a bike are all great cardio exercises
  • You should ask your elderly loved one’s doctor how often and for how long they should be doing cardio exercises.

Doing Strength Training

Your elderly loved one could benefit from strength training exercises if they have COPD. These exercises can build and strengthen their muscles. This includes the muscles needed to help them breathe better. Some of the tips for strength training include the following:

  • Start slowly and over time, build up the intensity
  • Begin with light weights (they could even use soup cans or a bottle of water to begin strength training exercises)
  • Use resistance bands to push the muscles are bit harder
  • Lunges and squats are great strength training exercises for people who have COPD

You and the elderly care providers should encourage your elderly loved one to do these exercises regularly.


These are some of the best exercises that can help your elderly loved one if they have COPD. Don’t forget that you should check with your elderly loved one’s doctor before having them begin an exercise regimen.


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