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How Exactly Can Home Health Care Prevent Falls for Your Senior?

Falls are a huge problem for older adults because they can cause extreme injuries. Even a small fall can do a lot of damage that your elderly family member might not ever be able to recover from, which is a scary thought. Having home health care providers available to assist her can do a lot to reduce your senior’s fall risk by quite a lot.

Report What They See and What Happens in Terms of Risks and Falls

Because they have experience, home health care providers are able to see potential risk factors that might be too easy for you to miss. They can also make sure that you and your senior’s doctors are aware of “near misses” or actual falls your senior has had. This is important because many seniors do try to hide this information.

Educate Family Members in Using Assistive Tools

There are tools available that you and other family members can use in order to help her to walk safely in her home. Offering her your arm can help a little bit, but a gait belt is even more helpful while your senior is walking. Gait belts are sturdy belts that your senior wears and that you can use to help support her as she walks. Proper use of a gait belt can help to prevent falls.

Encourage Your Senior to Use Canes, Walkers, and Other Assistive Devices

A great many seniors are not excited about using assistive devices, even the ones that can help them to avoid a fall. Home health care providers can be there to remind your senior to use her walker or her cane when she needs it. They can also help her to remember to wear her glasses regularly, which can help her to avoid obstacles.

Notify You about Potential Safety Hazards

When something changes in your senior’s home and it becomes unsafe for her, you might not know right away. Because home health care providers are right there with your senior, they can let you know when something has become unsafe. This gives you a head start on correcting those issues.

Home health care providers make a huge impact on reducing your elderly family member’s fall risks on a regular basis. This can help her to avoid serious injury and can help her to age in place for much longer than she might have been able to do without this level of assistance.

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