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Five Ideas for Observing Celebration of Life Month with Your Senior

January is a time for fresh starts and one way to really take that to heart is to start observing national Celebration of Life Month. Finding new ways to celebrate your senior’s life is something that you can take all throughout the year.

Start a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a powerful tool for good in anyone’s life, but especially your senior’s. Regular expressions of gratitude have physical, emotional, and mental benefits. You don’t have to do anything complicated, either. One really simple gratitude practice is to keep a quart-size mason jar and write one thing your senior is grateful for on a small slip of paper. Pop the paper in the jar and watch her gratitude slips grow.

Find Ways to Get Outside

Being outside has huge health benefits and it can make your senior feel much more in touch with being alive. Just a few minutes of sunlight while sitting in the garden helps her body to create vitamin D, which is an incredibly part of keeping her healthy. Taking a walk, if that’s something your senior can do, is another fun way to get outside.

Do Things Your Senior Enjoys

What does your elderly family member enjoy doing? Look for ways to help her to do more of those, if it’s possible. Some of the things she loves might be getting more difficult, but there’s help for that. Elderly care providers can help your senior with daily tasks and offer companionship at the same time.

Find Things to Laugh About

Laughter is tremendously helpful for health purposes, beyond just being fun. Enjoying a good bout of laughter can help to boost your senior’s immune system, improve her circulation, and even help to lower blood sugar levels. Whether your senior loves laughing about old stories, favorite movies, or comedy specials, help her to enjoy laughter regularly.

Learn New Things

When your elderly family member keeps learning new things, that’s a celebration of life, too. There’s so very much to know and it’s impossible for one person to know everything. Continuing to learn new things is exciting and helps to keep your senior’s brain sharp. Your elderly family member might enjoy taking a class or simply finding some new subject to explore every day.

Some of these activities are ones that you might want to try to figure out how to keep as a regular part of your senior’s schedule. They give her and you something to look forward to on a daily basis and help to ground you in consistently celebrating your senior’s life.

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