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Eight Questions to Ask While You’re Doing a Home Safety Assessment

Regular home safety checks ensure that you find problems before they cause your senior serious injury.

Does Your Senior Have Emergency Contact Numbers Readily Available?

It’s one thing to have phone numbers in the contacts section of a smartphone, but in an emergency that can be difficult for your senior to access. Having a list of emergency contact numbers near the phone could be exactly what she needs when something has happened.

Do Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work Properly?

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors both function as early warning devices for serious situations. Test these warning devices regularly according to the instructions from the manufacturer. It’s a good idea to change batteries at least twice a year.

Does Your Senior Have a First Aid Kit?

Your elderly family member might have bandages in a drawer somewhere, but a full-on first aid kit is really important, just in case. This can be as simple as collecting bandages, antibacterial ointment, and other supplies in a small bag that’s easy to find and to carry around.

Are Flashlights Easy to Find?

If the power goes out, your senior needs to be able to see so that she doesn’t trip or injure herself in other ways. Make sure that she has easy access to a number of different flashlights. Check the batteries regularly so that when your elderly family member needs the flashlights, they’re ready to go.

Are Rugs and Floors Skidproof and Safe to Walk On?

Your senior’s flooring makes a huge difference in terms of whether she’s going to be able to avoid a fall or not. If the floor is slippery or the rugs or carpet are damaged or slide easily on the floor, that’s a recipe for disaster. Double check, even if you think her floors are fine.

Is There Clutter on the Floor?

Besides the flooring itself, clutter can be a huge safety hazard. Do a sweep of the house regularly and see if there is anything that shouldn’t be on the floor. Find those items a new home. Make sure you’re looking for things like cords, too. These should never cross a pathway or run under rugs or furniture.

Where Is the Temperature Set on the Water Heater?

Your senior’s water heater has a setting for adjusting temperature. It’s a good idea to find out where her water heater is set now and possibly to lower that temperature a little bit. Even a few degrees can save her from getting scalded without affecting her ability to get water as hot as it needs to be.

Would Handrails Be a Good Idea?

Look for areas where you can install handrails. These give your senior something to grab if she loses her balance. They’re a must if her mobility is hampered at all.

It may also be time to bring in a caregiver to help your elderly family member with tasks around the house.

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