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How to Handle the Embarrassment of Incontinence

Your mom is embarrassed by her incontinence. It started after menopause and has never improved. If she sneezes or coughs hard, she leaks. That’s known as stress incontinence. There are health conditions, such as a bladder spasm, that can also cause a weak bladder. No matter why it happens, she shouldn’t be embarrassed. It can happen to anyone.

That isn’t likely to be enough to make her feel at ease. She’s needs caregivers to help out with things she can’t do. She’s been told to stop driving. She’s worried she’ll leak while in her caregiver’s car. What can you do to help her handle the embarrassment she feels?

Keep Incontinence Pads Available

One of the easiest ways to manage the embarrassment is by having bladder control pads available. If she has a pad in place, she’s not going to leak into anything other than the pad.

Try different brands by asking for free samples. Find the size and brand that best works for her. Keep that brand on hand. Look for subscription purchases that have pads sent to her house at a certain interval. She won’t run out that way.

Talk to Her Doctor

Some medications can cause incontinence. Diuretics, antidepressants, antihistamines, and calcium-channel blockers are among them. If your mom is on a medication that is making her incontinent, ask her doctor if there’s an alternative that doesn’t affect her that way. If not, she needs to remember to go to the bathroom more often to avoid leakage.

For incontinence that’s caused by bladder spasms or an overactive bladder, see if there are prescription medications to help her. Some medications can relax the bladder and allow it to fill more before she leaks. If it’s due to weak pelvic muscles after pregnancy or menopause, Kegel exercises may help. Her doctor or specialist may recommend surgical intervention.

Remind your mom that caregivers have seen far more than she could imagine. Incontinence isn’t new to most caregivers, so she doesn’t need to be embarrassed. If she leaks and needs to change her clothes, she can simply do so, tell her caregivers, and a load of laundry can take care of it.

Caregivers can help your mom with laundry, personal care, medication reminders, and more. Hire them to take her to her medical appointments. They can cook meals if she has surgery and needs to take it easy during the recovery. Call an agency to learn more.

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