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What Might Help Your Senior to Be More Active?

Everybody slows down a little bit as they age, but you might be worried that your elderly family member is slowing down a bit too much. That can be especially true if she’s literally not very active and seems to be losing some skills and mobility.

Help Her Find Activities She Really Enjoys

One of the best ways to help anyone that you love to be more active is to help them to do things that they love. Your senior may not have been active for a while, so it may have been easy for her to forget what she loved to do. Offer to try out a few different activities with her to help her see what resonates now. She might love to walk, especially if she’s doing so in a park or through a nature preserve or botanical garden. Understanding what makes the activity truly enjoyable for her can help her to stick with it.

See if She’d Benefit from Having a Pet

Not everyone can have a pet for a variety of reasons, but it’s widely recognized that pets will keep people on their toes. Having a dog or cat gives your senior something that relies on her and that wants to play with her. Even less active types of pets can be fun for her and can encourage her to be more active, though. A hamster may not get out of the cage much, but your senior may be more interested in doing things for her new little buddy.

Finding a Purpose Can Help in Other Ways

When your senior feels like she’s lost her purpose in life, that can be part of what slows her down. Just because her original purpose has either been fulfilled or isn’t valid any longer, that doesn’t mean that she’ll never find another one. Looking for a purpose now can help her to find ways to be more involved in her community and with her own life.

Location May Matter

In the past, your senior may have been more into being active and engaged because she was going and doing and being. But if she’s home a lot more and doesn’t get the same stimulation, that can be what’s dragging her down a bit. Explore the idea of bringing more activities and interests to her. Also, consider bringing in an elder care provider to help her, especially if she’s unable to drive any longer.
There’s no one right answer to all of this for your senior. Talk with her about what she wants to try and what she feels might be helpful.

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