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Best Home Safety Tips for the Elderly

It is a good thing when an elderly loved one has the ability to live in their own home. It can make them feel safe and secure. Some studies even show that it can make the elderly feel happier and healthier. However, if your elderly loved one wants to remain in their home, there are many things to consider regarding their safety. Here are some tips for making sure your elderly loved one’s home is a safe haven for them.

Get Rid of Hazards

Studies show that falls are one of the major issues elderly people face every day. This is why, as a family caregiver, you may need to help them change some things in their home. Some of the things you might need to change include the following:

  • Get rid of throw rugs
  • Remove any old newspapers that are lying around
  • Dispose of any clutter
  • Install grab bars in bathroom areas
  • Getting them non-slip footwear

If you do get rid of these hazards, you won’t have to worry so much about your elderly loved one’s safety.

Check on Your Elderly Loved One Often

It is essential to check on your elderly loved one as much as you possibly can. This will help ensure they are staying safe in their home. You can also ask others to drop in to check on your elderly loved one. For instance, a neighbor, another family member, or a home care provider can help with this. It is especially important during the hot and colder months of the year to check on your elderly loved one. You might also want to encourage your elderly loved one to get an alert bracelet just in case they slip or fall.

Have Emergency Contact Information Easily Available

You should also help your elderly loved one make a list of emergency contact information. You should keep this information by every phone in their house. It is also a good idea to place this list by your elderly loved one’s bed. This way, if your loved one has trouble getting in or out of bed, they can call someone. Remember to use large numbers and letters when you write this list, so it is clearer for your elderly loved one to read.

Fire Protection

Look around your elderly loved one’s home for any fire hazards, Be sure to check for any frayed electrical cords or outlets. Make sure any heaters they have are functioning properly. Once you have removed all fire hazards, make sure to change the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


It is important to make sure your elderly loved one’s home is a safe environment. You might also want to hire home care providers that can help with your loved one’s care. If you follow the tips mentioned here today, you can ensure your elderly loved one has a safe haven in their own home.


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