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Four Helpful Tidbits if Your Senior Is Ready to Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of those habits that people pick up and then tend to have a tough time putting down again. The chemicals in cigarettes are really addictive, which means that when your elderly family member is ready to quit smoking, she may have a tough time of it. Worse, she may be avoiding quitting because cigarettes are so addictive.

Risks for Both Heart Attack and Stroke Decrease

The main argument against smoking usually involves lung health and while that’s not wrong, smoking has a bigger impact. People who smoke are at a much higher risk of both strokes and heart attacks. This happens because your senior’s entire circulatory system is working harder than it should have to, and that’s a big strain. Your senior’s doctor can help both of you to understand your senior’s current risk for these severe health conditions.

Cancer Risk Decreases

Another big argument against smoking is that it contributes significantly to lung cancer. Since November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, this can be a great time to focus on how cutting back or giving up smoking can allow your elderly family member’s lungs to heal and therefore reduce her risk of developing lung cancer. It’s a good idea for her to take a lung cancer screening test, too.

It’s not Just Her Lungs That Benefit

There are bigger benefits for your senior’s entire body if she does quit smoking, though. She will have fewer circulatory problems and she’ll be able to breathe better, but she’s also not taking in the chemicals from her cigarettes any longer. There’s the nicotine, which is the most addictive component of cigarettes, but there’s also tar and other additives that are getting into your senior’s body and messing around with her health.

She’ll Just Feel Better Overall

This is really just a combination of all of the above, but your elderly family member is just going to start feeling better in general. If she’s smoked for a long time, she might not realize some of the ways she’s feeling better because of withdrawal and detoxification. But in general, your elderly family member is going to get more oxygen into her body and she’s going to have more energy for her life. Other health conditions may even improve.

As your senior is quitting smoking, she may need some extra help. Bringing in senior care providers can solve multiple layers of problems for her. They can handle tasks, but they can also offer a pleasant distraction from the whole smoking situation.

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