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Not All Senior Care Is the Same: Make Sure You Know the Value of a Home Care Agency

For somebody who has just begun the process of looking into senior care for an aging parent, grandparent, or other loved one, they might be surprised and even overwhelmed by just how many options there are available. There are several different types of senior care, and it can be downright confusing and even frustrating to decide which one is best.

Aside from a few exceptions, a growing number of seniors prefer to age in place these days. That means even if they need some type of support and long-term care, they would prefer to receive that help while living at home.

It is possible for that to happen. When you understand what home care provides and offers, you realize that it truly is possible to live with dignity and maintain a high quality of life.

What makes home care best?

There are different types of home care, but compared to facility type care, this allows aging seniors to remain home. Home is where people are most comfortable.

A person’s house, especially if they’ve lived in the same place for decades, is extremely comfortable. It is also familiar. They know the layout of the house. They know the height of the steps. They know where everything is. The even know if there are certain bows, dips, or flaws in the floor surfaces.
That can help improve safety to some degree. Familiarity also helps people feel dignified. An individual who has to leave their home behind to move into a facility often feels a significant loss of independence. That can increase the risk of depression or depressive symptoms, which can lead to other health challenges in the future.

So, what makes an agency better than other home care options?

You may find an independent home care provider through the classified section of the local newspaper or through a website, but an agency is best because it provides better experience in many cases, and more flexibility.

Flexibility might not seem to be a major concern in the beginning, but when you discover just how valuable senior care is, and you understand a person may not need help all day long, but only a couple of hours in the morning and then again in the evening, you discover just how important flexibility can be.

Not many independent caregivers can offer the kind of flexibility growing numbers of seniors can benefit from. But, a quality, seasoned agency certainly can.

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