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Does Your Elderly Loved One Need to Get Better Sleep?

It is common for a person’s sleep pattern to change as they get older. Perhaps, you have noticed that when you were younger you had no trouble getting 8 hours of sleep and without it, you felt exhausted. Your elderly loved one probably feels the same way. However, as one gets older, it can be difficult getting a full 8 hours of sleep. This is a common problem among the elderly population. It can be a struggle for some people to sleep even 4 hours at a time. It is important to understand how essential it is to get the recommended amount of sleep at any age. As a family caregiver, it’s important to determine if the elderly person in your life is getting the right amount of sleep. Here are some ways to help you figure it out.

Napping Too Much

Take notice if your elderly loved one is napping too much. When you visit them, pay attention to how often they doze off. If you notice them falling asleep more than usual it could mean they aren’t getting the right amount of sleep at night. If this is the case, it might be time to take some actions to help them sleep better.

Constantly Irritable

You probably already know how grumpy a person can be when they don’t get enough sleep. The fact is that some people can get downright irritable when they get tired out. If you notice your elderly loved one seems to be more irritable than usual, it can be another sign that they aren’t sleeping well at night.

Becoming More and More Confused

It is important to remember there are many reasons why an elderly person might become more and more confused. It could be due to a disease or illness. However, it also could be due to a lack of sleep. If you find that your elderly loved one is becoming more confused every day, it is best to consult with their doctor to find the underlying reason for the confusion.


As a family caregiver or a home care provider, you need to learn all you can about sleep patterns and habits among the elderly population. You can start by observing your elderly loved one’s actions, feelings, and mental health. If your elderly loved one is having issues sleeping at night, it is best to consult their doctor for additional guidance on how to help them.


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