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Why Would Your Mom Need Home Health Care Services?

​You have senior care services to cover things your mom needs help completing each day or week. Senior care handles non-medical services like housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, and ambulation. Home health care services differ in that many of the services are medical. Take a closer look at what home health care services offer.


A catheter may be needed after certain medical procedures or with some health conditions. If your mom or dad has a catheter and needs care, home health care services can arrange that. Nurses can be there to remove or insert a catheter, check the catheter isn’t causing irritation or infection, and address issues by discussing your parent’s situation with the doctor if needed.

Injections and IVs

If your parent needs an IV or injection on a regular basis, a skilled nurse can do this for them. The nurse can insert or change the IV. That nurse can also measure the right dosage and administer an injection. Pain management can be part of this service.

Medication Administration

Senior care aides can remind your mom or dad to take their medications. The aides can only handle reminders though. A home health nurse can measure the dose and make sure he takes it. If he needs an IV medication, skilled nurses can do that too.

Patient Education

Some chronic health conditions require education and training for your parent to best manage the condition. If your dad is diagnosed with diabetes, he needs to learn how to check his blood sugar level. He needs to restructure his diet and exercise routines.

If your mom has a heart condition, she may need help checking her blood pressure and pulse, changing her diet, and doing exercises that her doctor recommends. Home health care services can help with patient and family caregiver education.

Surgical Incision and Wound Care

After surgery, bandages need to be changed. The incision needs to be kept clean. It must be checked to ensure it’s healing correctly. A pressure sore or cut needs special care to prevent infection. If your parent cannot manage wound care, home health care helps by cleaning the wound, changing bandages, and alerting the doctor if something seems wrong.

How do you arrange home health care? Talk to your mom or dad’s doctor and call one of the doctor’s recommended agencies. You can partner home health care nurses with senior care aides. That provides your parents with a complete care plan that covers personal and medical needs.

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