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Four Steps to Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Your time as a caregiver has probably already taught you that nobody is likely to be standing around waiting to applaud for you. The answer is for you to celebrate your own wins, as they happen. This is a lot easier than you think, especially once you start recognizing your wins.

They’re Not Easy to See at First

Most people have a tough time seeing their own accomplishments. As a caregiver, you may have a huge problem with this. There’s a lot going on consistently, and it’s easy to believe that even things that are outside of your control are things you’ve somehow handled badly. So, re-framing your accomplishments might be an important first step that allows you to see how much you do and how important that is.

Grab a Journal

Recording what happens can be a terrific way to start seeing your wins. Life happens fast, especially when you’re a caregiver. So, it helps to have a record of what happened when. Even journaling basic details can be helpful for this. When you look back over the entries from even a week ago, you’ll see them from a different perspective. It becomes much easier to see the positives.

It’s Okay if You’re the Only One Cheering

Something else that might be slowing you down is that you might be the only one cheering for the stuff you’re doing. That doesn’t mean that what you’re doing isn’t worthy of cheering. It might simply be that everyone else is so hung up in their own stuff that they don’t realize that they’re not cheering for you. Being your own biggest cheerleader is important, especially when you’re doing something like caregiving.

Stress Evaporates When You Show Yourself Appreciation

If you never hear a positive response to what you do, you start to wonder if you’re doing anything right at all and that just builds up stress. What if you did show yourself appreciation and kudos? You might be surprised just how much you’re able to relax and go with the flow. You’re giving yourself the pats on the back that help you to keep going.

You do not have to do this alone. Having someone else picking up the slack gives you a chance to notice more about how much you’re actually doing, which can be eye opening for you. Bring on elder care providers and give yourself some time away, that’s going to help you regain perspective, too.

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