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Are Short Workouts Enough?

​Short workouts could the way to inspire your senior to get moving a little bit more. Always make sure that working out is something your senior is able to safely do. Her doctor can give you guidelines that your senior should follow for safety.

They’re Better than No Exercise

If there’s a choice for your senior between no workout at all and a shorter one, the shorter one is always going to be the best option. Not exercising at all can lead to serious health issues for your senior. If she’s gone her entire life without working out, she may feel intimidated by a “workout.” That’s why short, small workouts that may be no more than just a couple of different exercises could be a better option.

They Don’t Require Equipment

Most of the shortest workouts your senior can do don’t require any special equipment or that she goes to a gym. Things like taking a walk or doing a few sit ups a day can help your senior to build muscles gradually. Eventually she may be ready for bigger exercise, but she may not feel pressured to do that.

Intensity Can Make a Difference

The intensity of your elderly family member’s workout may net her bigger results. Even just a slight increase in intensity, like walking a smidge faster, can raise your senior’s heart rate and give her a bigger boost from even a small amount of exercise. This is why HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is so popular.

Morning Exercise Is More Likely to Get Done

If your elderly family member tends to put off exercise, she can quickly find that she gets to the end of the day without having exercised at all. Exercising in the morning means that she’s exercising when she’s likely to have the most energy or feel the most rested and that she’s not going to accidentally put off moving until too late. If your senior exercises too late in the day, that can interfere with sleep, which is a bad thing.

It’s possible for your senior to focus more on exercising when she feels as if other aspects of her life might get neglected. Bringing in home care providers is one way to help her to have a clean home, healthy meals, and companionship. That may help her to feel relaxed enough to be more willing to engage in even shorter workouts.

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